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At 8:06pm on October 7, 2011, Jack Coleman said…

I am a 17 year old boy from Essex who is into all genres of music from classical to heavy metal but my favourite band of course is Incubus!! I have listened to Incubus since i was just ten years old through the DVD my Dad brought me as a birthday present...'Alive At Red Rocks' which i can watch over and over again as loud possible!
From a young boy i have had concentration problems and fortunately from being introduced to Incubus i was able to plug in my headphones and get on with work without a problem. The best song i believe to listen to concentrate is 'Aqueous Transmission'.
4 years after discovering Incubus i got diagnosed with a mental illness called Psychosis and bad depression which led me into bad situations. For the first two years of having the two illnesses I got to the point where I could not cope and resorted to plan suicide at the age of 16, which was what i wanted going through my mind that early in my life. For months i thought about killing myself and finally came to the thought that i was going to.
As always i listened to my music to calm me down. I put my iPod on shuffle and out of over a thousand songs' Incubus - Drive' happens to come on. When i listen to songs i relate myself to the lyrics if i can. As the song gets to the chorus the vital line that has kept me here today was sung and made me realise i shouldn't give up and showed me actually 'how much i let the fear, take the wheel and steer', . That same very line i now have tattooed across the top of my back because of it which you may guess is.... 'Whatever Tomorrow Brings I'll Be There'. From then on I became an even bigger fan purchasing all Incubus albums, even the live sessions with 10 different versions of the song Drive which i listen to all the time!
I wanted a way to say thank you to Brandon Boyd for practically saving my life and writing Drive so i got the Om Mani Padme Hum which is tattooed on Brandon's right outer forearm. I got it tattooed on my right ribcage. (Hurt alot but was worth the pain) So in a non weird way I have a part of him with me to keep me to my normal self and to remind me that i can get through it!
I'd also love to thank my Dad, Russ Coleman for introducing me to Incubus!!!
I love the fact that whatever mood i am in i can listen to Incubus as there is a song that suits every mood of mine.
With all the songs i have from Incubus i happened to go onto you tube and listen to 'I Miss You'. Even though i have two versions of it on my iPod. Anyway by chance i read the little advertisement box at the bottom of the clip ,and instead of closing it as i would usually do it came up with 'INCUBUS UK TOUR TICKETS ON SALE NOW'. I've always been told 'if its too good to be true, it most probably is'. Regardless to that i still had to investigate just in case.
The link page opens up and what i thought were tickets going for £350( but ended up being something else which later on my dad explained).Then i thought to myself i sure wont be allowed to go!
Luckily i just browsed through other ticket websites to see if i could find any tickets cheaper..... £27.50 for a ticket at Alexandra Palace standing and honest to god my heart skipped a bit a like the big boy i think i am just cried! I have not been so happy before within a short amount of time. I had been waiting for Incubus to go on a UK tour for years and by chance i find tickets! It made my day, week, month and year, especially when my dad and i see Incubus Live on the 4th November.
i just want to say thank you to Brandon, Mike, Jose, Ben and Chris for making Incubus and the songs you play are truly amazing! Sorry for going off track a little but just wanted to write about how much Incubus means to me! I would also like to say if by any chance anyone reads this and knows Brandon and the boys and could possibly see if they will read this and hopefully reply it was just make me the happiest kid alive! Also one little favour could you give my dad (Russ Coleman) a mention when playing at Alexandra Palace just to say hello, something like that!
Last paragraph i promise, but if anyone knows how to get hold of backstage passes i'd love to know.


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