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At 7:58am on August 25, 2012, Emily Tripp said…
Words can not express what you have done for the musical realm.

All I know is that, because of Incubus, I am inspired and living life to the fullest capacity.
I've endured hardships and obstacles, but your music has kept me going.
The positive energy soars into my soal.
Your lyrical content is dynamic and vast, and your music is full of deep meaningful compassion and gratitude.
I feel you are one of the most genuine bands that have encountered our generation of music.
Incubus will be the band in 20 years, people are still talking about and praising.
I will follow your band until my last breath.

Thank you for giving many others like myself, hope and positivity.
- Emily Tripp
At 5:33pm on March 7, 2012, Jay le coeur said…

Dear Brandon, 

Please excuse my horrible english. I want to ask for vocal sheets of your "promises, promises" to use a part of it, together with parts of a few other songs, for my  newest art-project. It would be engraved in a glass slab. 

May it be possible?

I hope you'll answer. 

At 4:42pm on November 26, 2011, Me said…

Hope you feel better soon.

At 9:20am on October 22, 2011, Naomi Hodgson said…
At 10:24am on May 10, 2011, Mia Legg said…
Are you the real Brandon or a charlatan???! If you are a non imposter, send me a friend request and we can become the best of friends! Well, as much as we can be via a keyboard and a computer screen :)

At 8:46am on May 1, 2011, Andi Toledo said…

Hi Brandon! :)

I know you don't even know I exist, you don't even know how old I am, you don't even know about this. But, I just want you to know that I admire you very much. But yes, it's impossible for you to see this message because I'm not that noticeable. :) I love you in every fiber of my being, Brandon. <3

At 9:03am on April 29, 2011, Emily Tripp said…

On a daily escapade, you most likely get appraised for your work quite frequently. Except, I am not here to give thanks for what you have done or how you have inspired me. I will just say if anything, how splendidly privileged I am to encounter such intelligent and talented musicians who yet, still, priortize their fan base and characteristics that coincide with the values of such importance.

I know not of what obsticles Incubus have faced, but just say a very exuberant expression, cheers to all the hard work that you all have endured, therefore it has paid off and positively affected many people like myself.

Your reflection in the mirror is my inspiration.

At 8:45am on April 29, 2011, Emily Tripp said…
You're a mountain,
that i'd like to climb.
Not to conquer,
but to share it with you.
At 10:03pm on April 28, 2011, Anna Francine Leckie said…
The one thing that I feel the need to communicate to you, aside from the obvious appreciation of your work, is my admiration of your will and ability to live. Looking in from a far, as we all do, leads to skewed views of things. However, the way I see the things that you do and the way you live your life seems to have an element of acquired balance. Something that I have been struggling with as have others like myself, is being able to immerse myself in my art form and give my talents wings but also being able to maintain a balanced life. I know that you have stated before that with the amount of time you all spend touring and working on your music that there has been a great divide between being an artist in motion and living a normal life; being an available boyfriend, family member, and friend. There has been a huge sacrifice made from having that healthy social life that is so crucial to human development and security. With this new album, INNW being your new baby, if you have created it without having to loose all of the other components of a balanced life, if it is possible to dedicate such an insuperable amount of time to these projects but still have the ability to lead a balanced life and experience love and family (the most important things in life) but still do what you do and execute your art forms to such a distinguished degree is very inspiring. It shows me that I can create beautiful things with having to sacrifice too much of one thing or the other. I hope that the amount of time over the next year or two that you put in to promote the album, tour, and please the fans that you take just as much time taking care of yourself and the relationships that are important; because after all, it's all about love, right?
At 5:49am on April 27, 2011, Ressa Dwi Afriani said…
Sweet! ;)
At 2:50pm on April 23, 2011, Pia said…
Are you really Brandon?
At 9:13am on April 19, 2011, Luciana De Donato said…


I need to say that you're doing a beautifful work, not only like a musician, but like an artist too!I'm so proud to know that the man that I admire a lot, in pfossisional, in person is doing a work like this at Hurley and helping to protect the seas, who surfs knows how it's important to take care about it.I loved your last article!

About your music, everyday I listen Incubus, your songs inspires me!!!One day withou Incubus, Brandon Boyd in my life, it's gray for me, really true.

I can't wait to listen the new album!


God bless you!


kisses from São Paulo, Brazil





At 12:05am on April 19, 2011, Tom gave Brandon Boyd a gift
I know you hear it a hundred times but seriously thank you for your music. I've been listening since I heard New Skin on the radio and your music has just helped me through so much. Thank you!
At 4:56am on April 17, 2011, Tom said…
Thank you.
At 10:55pm on April 14, 2011, I A N said…

ok...  sorry Brandon, but I can't stop my curiosity:

Did you read Fictions? Did you like it? Hope so. Thanks again for everything, you don't need me to tell you how great you are.  

Hugs from Arg, hoping to see you again and give you another book :)

At 6:02pm on April 14, 2011, Bru Sanches said…
Bru said…

I'm a little skeptical to believe you're the real one but, in case I'm wrong, i'd like to thank you for doing your part to help the environment. Little actions like recycling can turn into bigger things and help to make this world a better and cleaner place for our children's kids. I loved the article about sustaintability. You should considerate contributing more for green journalism. You're a doing a great work.

I'd like to say I'm in love with your latest painting techiques, when you mix the pen with paint. Do you prefer oil or acrylic? I love to watching you overcome yourself on terms of music and art. You're growing a lot as an artist, Brandon. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

From a beloved fan and appreciator of your work


At 2:54pm on April 14, 2011, Pilar Jarillo Rincon said…

Are you, really?  I can´t find the right words,enought words.I think is strange to speak or write to a person don´t you know personally...But here we go, as part of a wordeful proyect...I feel like Incubus is part of me , we have the same age,maybe because we grow and evolved together.I don´t know what is the reason, but you arrive to my soul.I think you are brilliant in everything you do, Obviously ,I admire you,otherwise I wouldn´t no here.

So ,Hi Brandon! Is a honor for me to send you this message( sorry for my horrible english)I hope to see you often around here, and you accept my frienship.




At 2:30pm on April 14, 2011, Minniewitz said…

Mr. Boyd - Last week Ren mentioned to you that a college professor really appreciated the intellectual nature of your lyrics; that professor of psychology would be me.

Your "If Not Now, When" open letter to your fans was absolutely brilliant as was your editorial on Sustainability via the Huffington Post.  Incubus has wrought sentiments into my psyche and consciousness that permeate on such a profound level.  At 34 years of age, I have grown up along with you. It is not only about the hauntingly beautiful music that you each so eloquently perform (and rock out to!), but also how the musical entity known as Incubus makes us feel, the neurons it stimulates within our brains, and the affect it elicits from deep within our core.  Thank you for bringing "US" along with you on your journey through space and time and for inspiring me in both my career and personal life to pause, re-evaluate my purpose, and spread a little "love and light" along the way. 


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