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At 4:45pm on June 1, 2015, Jessica Thibodeaux said…

your profile pic is awesome!

At 5:48pm on November 11, 2011, Coty Guerrero said…

Oddrie, where have you been? I'm so happy you made it in for today. I hope everything is fine with you.

At 4:55pm on November 5, 2011, Coty Guerrero said…

Oddrie, endonde andas? I hope you're doing OK. I miss you friend. Just stopped by to say hi and que pasa. I'll be home if you wanna stop by. Brandon's hanging with me for the day...lol.


At 1:00pm on November 2, 2011, Merisa Markuljevic said…
Hi, Oddrie! How are you? Nice profile pic :) Greetings...
At 12:33pm on October 18, 2011, Veronica said…
Budddyyyy!!!!! Hi :-)
At 2:30pm on October 17, 2011, Joba gave oddrie montano a gift
Free virtual gifts are cool cuz I can give as many as I want to people! This one is for you Oddrie! :)
At 6:25am on October 13, 2011, Deborah said…
Hi for the fan book I've only received two submissions. It was a last minute thing to get a fan book together but not enough submissions. I get people who ask occasionally and mention they want to send something, but never get anything. You can still send something to be included and one day I'll be able to make a complete book.
At 8:22am on July 20, 2011, Valentina Defassi (Italia adm) said…
hi! thank you for the request and the comment on my video!! :)
At 6:28pm on May 13, 2011, Giulia DeMarchi said…
I'm on the run too! Just stopped by to say that you've got mail! ;)
At 8:43pm on May 10, 2011, Giulia DeMarchi said…

(continuing here!) How do I manage? hahahaha It was so cool, Mike wrote the principle of uncertainty - the mathematical formula! i'm so stupid for losing it! I still hope it is in my boyfriend's house somewhere though...

Anyway, I should go to sleep, a long day waits for me tomorrow! full of hugs! it's my birthday (i'm turning 27, can you believe it? I cant...) and meeting you here was the best present I could get! :)

Miss you heaps! Lots and lots of love that's built up over the years,

Your friend Giulia

At 8:40pm on May 10, 2011, Giulia DeMarchi said…

First things first: is that your daughter in the picture? OH MU GOD, time flies! She's beautiful!

Did you see my pictures? I actually got to spend some 40 minutes with Brandon in 2007 when they came to Brazil for the first time! I interviewed him for Rolling Stone Brazil! I can't even tell you how psyched I was! Two dreams coming true at the same time! I wish it had been published in the magazine so I can send you a copy, but it was only at the website :( even this way, I got to meet my favorite band on behalf of my favorite magazine, my heart was exploding that day. And they did Oil and Water and Warning in the same day, minutes apart. It was almost too much to take!

I'm sending you the picture along with my address! I would LOVE to get another letter from you! I never forget the cute drawings you used to do in the pages to decorate them! Pure love!

I found you searching for your last name! crossing fingers that you didn't use a nickname ;) Have you been here for a while? I entered pretty much when it started, invited by Manoela Paixao. She's a great friend of mine who is, as ren puts it, "the queen of rock in Brazil" - she's helped them put together the meet and greet here last year, and many many other things! oh, yes! we saw them last year too, at a festival! It was pretty unbelievable, they hadn't been on the road, just came by South America for a quick and powerful visit - the set was almost perfect (it should have been much longe heheeh). Here, I posted this pic today:


Manu is the one standing by Mike like she's known him for years, and I'm the happy-go-lucky in a black and white checkered shirt by brandon's side! It was fast but excellent meeting them again! The downside is that I had them write a sentence of something they would like to say instead of just signing a record sleeve and I LOST THE PAPER. (to be continued)



At 8:21pm on May 9, 2011, Giulia DeMarchi said…

YAYY! I had been wondering if you were here! Welcome to your new home! :)
This is a very cool thing, it's great to be so close to our favorite band -- and to be close to you again!

But now, tell me the truth: do you hate me for not writing you back? How long has it been, almost two years? I hate myself for that... I kept thinking to myself "gotta answer audrey! gotta send her an email"... But I felt I had so much to tell you that I never got the guts to start writing! Stupid lazy me! Will you ever forgive me?

I hope you will, cause now we have the opportunity to make up for lost time, and I can start telling you eeeeeeverything little by little (these boxes must have a limit of characters hehe)! Oh I'm so glad you're here! I've been thinking a lot about the good things incubus has brought to my life and you were definetely one of them! Do you realize how important you have been in my life? That package you sent me with Morning View in it... That alone has changed my life!

Hope you can come to the chat sometime and we can talk for hours :) I can usually talk at like 4pm pst (i think that's it - 8pm in brazil). Although, I miss getting your letters in the mail... 

Best news of the week! Thank you so much for that!
Looove, Giulia


At 3:01pm on May 9, 2011, Giulia DeMarchi said…

is it you, dear friend? TELL ME IT IS!


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