Hi I am a 26 year old women , I am a huge incubus fan !! I also have three ilness's which are cystic fibrosis and diabetes and bipolar disorder anyway I am a huge fan . You guys have helped me through some very very hard times in my life . This past year I almost passed away from my illness but the docs caught the problem and did surgery and I'm light now. Your music and your art and everything you all do brings me so much joy and actually helps me through these hard times . thank you incubus for helping me while I was down. My dream before I do die is to meet all the band members because they have changed my life so much , I just want to meet the people who bring me so much joy to my life. Please that would be an amazing thing. That is one thing I need to do in my life to make it complete is to spend a few hrs with incubus :) anyway I hope one of you read this and can help me with my dream
Love all of you
And thank you
Christina Wellborn
Damascus, MD

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