Like many or every incubus fan, I can remember a time of my life for every song and album. Even if it was a bad time of my life, it was Incubus' music that helped me through it. I've had so many good times sharing Incubus with friends: new albums, secret songs, concerts, roadtrips for concerts, MYF meet and greets.

I bought my first ticket from a scalper for Incubus and hopefully never will have to again:
I remember the day clearly, I found out that Incubus was coming to the Electric Factory, a small venue in Philadelphia. It was winter 2006 into 2007, my freshman year of college. I was commuting into the city to work every weekend and unfortunately tickets went on sale while I was at work. My parents, surprisingly accepting my obsession since my younger years knew how important this was to me and my dad and two friends were on ticketmaster refreshing for a half hour before tickets went on sale just trying to get me one. I conveniently took my break at work a little after tickets went on sale when I got the bad news. My friends, and my dad were unsuccessful. Tickets were gone in seconds, and immediately appeared on scalping websites and ebay. I, like the true nerd I am cried the whole train ride home, and got many interesting looks. Finally I sucked it up and paid someone in Canada $150 for a ticket. I went to that show on the coldest day of the year at 3pm. I met a friend in line, and also met the best people (fans). I wish I remembered all of their names or got all of their numbers because that community of fans, like all of us here, are another reason why Incubus is my favorite band. People left the line only to get coffee to share (since it was so cold) and pizza. Everyone became great friends, sharing stories of why they love incubus and about themselves. I was extremely cold and unprepared since I had to park so far away. My new found friends went to their car and brought me back and extra blanket. Someone else offered to put my coat in their car when the show started since there was no coat check or place to put them inside. By the time the show was supposed to start, even with our blankets and jackets we were all freezing (I mean we had been out their for hours haha), so we all huddled together like penguins, stuck our heads in together and wrapped another layer of blanket around every two people. I've never (been) or felt closer to people I had just met. They could have been my family, or my best friends and now, years later when I forget all their names, I still feel like they are. We all will individually look back on that show and remember how cold it was and how we all banded together. I remember how much I paid for that ticket and how I felt like I scammed the scalper for not paying more the show was so incredible.


The next summer, ironically on the hottest day of the year, I also waited (since the morning) outside the outdoor venue in Philly called Penn's Landing. But with a lawn chair, food, water, (and a lovely box of red wine) I had so much fun with my friend and of course meeting new friends in line. I honestly can't remember how many shows I've been to, I just know I try to go to at least 2 a tour. I think my first concert was in Philly at the Spectrum or one of those large/older venues, and then I saw them in Hershey either the next day or a couple days later for the MYF meet and greet (which if you see that picture you will laugh so hard, I am 16 and my smile is off my face). I saw them at Penn's Landing three times, one summer it was so hot the staff brought out a garden hose and was soaking the crowd. The next day after one of the Penn's Landing shows (on their last tour) I went on a road trip with my friend to Maryland for the MYF meet and greet and we saw them again from the front row. It was the best time, and I am adding photos below of our group picture, and the rest I took at the concert!

I feel like I have a million more stories, but I will save them for another time...I'd like to hear/read yours! :)

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