While its hard to be, I am Really Upset with Incubus.

I live in London. Incubus played here last 4 years ago, to 3 almost sold out gigs. I was still living in small South Africa (my home) and knew that I had to fly to London to see them, to see them at least once in my life having been listening to them for 12 years. I came for 3 of the 2 nights. Amazing, obviously. And for a little man from Africa, this was life changing. They are a life-long inspiration, every album is a period soundrack to some poignant period,  relationship, heartache, or loving moment in my life.


For Incubus to return 4 years later with a one night surprise gig at the HMV Forum (small venue for our beloved band) is quite unfair... albeit understandable that it was not planned. In fear of not being able to see them again, I convinced my best friend from South Africa to fly here for the opportunity to see them as I did.

I tried to get tickets on the pre-sale, but it was sold-out minutes after 9am start. Again I tried today 9am at the start and they 'appeared' to be sold out 2mins past 9am! It doesnt feel right. And I'm left heart broken, typing a message to my best friend to tell him, I'll be here when he lands in London. But I will be empty handed, with no paper ticket to his dream.



While its hard to be, I am Really Upset with Incubus.



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