To explain, i must say that maybe something don't like the analysis that i do. My exercise when a new song is released it's put my mind on blank, and forget that it's a song from one of my favourite bands, the listen the song in a couple of times, and the return to my fan status to let me flow by the new song.


first, i felt so surprised in the choise of the song, i used to be to wait a more quickly song like in MV, ACLOTM o LG first single, that is a break, a very good one.


well think that adolescents it's a pretty good song, it has brushstroke from the morning view wave and reminds me also "punchdrunk"... that also could means that it's a pretty good song.


if i do a comparision, i think that in rythm it's like 11 am, and that coolness and relax energy that the song have could do me sleep tight every night.


also now i know in what step the guys are, in a mature step, but i think that this the top of the iceberg of the new album, i don't think that all "If not now, when?" will be all in the flow of adolescents, i know that the guys know when change and do something more powerfull, or something more chill.


So stay tuned, cause i think that the new album will be a very great surprise...





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