Message from Steve Rennie to me at 7:16AM this morning and my reply was this:

Ren we expected them to be great hell they're Incubus right?! But all our expectations were exceeded. I don't know if any of us were really prepared for the magic the guys gave us. Setlist was brilliant, listen you know you will ALWAYS have critics but 99.9% of the people I spoke with on FB chat on Livestream & on the app were more than satisfied with the collection of songs played. How did they do Ren? FB chat went down repeatedly because so many of us were trying to log in & "scream" for our guys!! The acoustic songs were placed perfectly in the set & while we all wished the encore could go on forever, the songs they gave us will hold us for a little bit longer. How did they do Ren? 10,000 + people at home were glued to their computers, laptops & TV hookups for over an hour watching & then watched the replay at least one more time. I have HQ, mobile app, & FB friends who went to the concert then went home & watched it AGAIN because they didn't want to forget the performance they just saw live. I can also tell you that everyone I know who have a concert date with Incubus on this tour are literally counting the days & hours until their stop on your tour & while they were excited before last night, Red Rocks just poured gasoline on their fire. I know I speak for a the majority of Incubus' fans, my Incufriends :), when I say THANK YOU Ren. Tell the guys GREAT show & to you I say well done Ren. VERY well done.

Ren's response: "Awesome!!!"

So to all my Incufriends I ask the same to you :) post in the comments below please!!


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