Weekly Update #4 For Week of April 2- April 9

I don't know if any of you ever watched the old 70's TV show the "A Team" or not. You could google it I suppose. In the show the leader of the "A Team", Hannibal, had a great line that he used to say at the end of each successful mission. He'd light a cigar with a very satisfied look on his face, turn to his compadres, and say, "I love it when a plan comes together." That's how I feel this morning as I look back on the week's happenings. 


This past Monday, the plan started to unfold with an 'unfortunate and untimely' leak here at the HQ of the new single "Adolescents" followed by a slew of radio stations playing the single as well. And this is internet time folks so that baby was raging around the world in no time. And with baited breath, the band, and their grisly old management team waited to hear some reaction. And the reaction was good. Very good. Relief for all of us. Later that morning a conference call with the label to quickly finalize details for a video to be shot 6 days later. Are you fucking kidding me, the music biz can't move that fast. Are you fucking guys crazy, we need more time they said. But the world doesn't wait. Gavel down. Decision made. Video on Sunday. Sunday? Nobody works on Sunday. Incubus does and the proof sits on this front page. That baby will be in the oven starting to cook on Monday and we hope to have your visual feast by April 24th. Who wants the over/under on that one? I got the under.


On Monday the world tour got one date longer as our friend and Incubus Hero, Chydie, from Jakarta Indonesia announced a concert which you can now find on the Calendar on the front page. If you are coming you can RSVP. We will have another show on the Pac Rim to announce this week as well. And for those of you here in the US take a peek at the clip of this past Friday's Morning Briefing for news on the US Summer tour. Mental note for manager, we probably need a couple of warmup dates somewhere before we head to the Pac Rim. Put it on the list....


On Tuesday, the band members visited the World Headquarters for a big band meeting with all the management types. We discussed a number of items but spent alot of time reviewing touring plans and trying to figure out a great way to launch the new album in a way that would serve all the Incubus fans around the world. And, I think we are on to something. Let's see how we do. 


On Wednesday, our friend Mr. Boyd unveiled the first look at some of the visual images the band has in their head for the new music. He posted a jpeg of the new single artwork and lo and behold many folks were pleased to see a return to the old/new Incubus logo. Also, on Wednesday, one of LA's most popular radio DJ's, Nicole Alvarez from KROQ, dropped by the headquarters for a sneak preview of the entire album. Nicole is a big fan whose opinion we value highly. Her review....."this record is a life changer"....or something to that effect. She said she would write on her blog about it.....but I think she liked it.....really liked it.


And strike this one up to the power of the people. This past week a number of Incubus fans decided to take things into their own hands outside the US. Not content to wait for the music to start playing on radio stations in their countries, Maris Boscan and Katrina Sales, with lots of help from their friends started calling radio stations demanding that they play the song. And you know what, stations started doing it. And word of their efforts beyond the call of duty resonated all the way to the top of the 32nd floor of the Sony building in NYC. These Incubus fans will not be denied. Move faster. "Make something happen. We can't be outdone by a ragtag army of fans." And so everyone moves a little faster. 


And so folks, like Colonel Hannibal in the "A Team", I'm sitting here at the HQ smiling, plotting, dreaming and thinking.....I love it when a plan comes together.....puff puff.


Don't miss Ben Kenney this Wednesday. Stay tuned. This party is just getting started.





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Comment by Heidy Parra on April 18, 2011 at 12:28pm
Cuando leo este tipo de escritos me siento realmente orgullosa de ser fan de Incubus band, los excelentes resultados de esta banda son producto de talento q poseen todos sus miembros, los amoooooo!!!! Deseo mucho q regresen a Colombia.
Comment by Kath Santaella on April 12, 2011 at 7:17pm
Comment by Katrina on April 12, 2011 at 2:33pm
Thank you Steve for always keeping us in the loop. We appreciate everything, all the responses and updates we get from you. All the talks we've shared. And even the hi's and hello's. The Philippines can't wait to have you guys and we are all very excited for everything. The least we could do is to help in any way, and we are always here to support you. The daily morning briefing has always been something to look forward to everyday. We know how busy you and the guys are, and we appreciate everything and the time you share with us. Thank you very much. We are humbled and grateful for being part of this team. Yes. The "A Team". :)
Comment by Cristy Figueroa on April 12, 2011 at 11:09am
I love it the mornigs with ren and all the news
Comment by monica nabity on April 12, 2011 at 10:44am
wow thanks for sharing rennie. this is awesome news. man you are all soo busy putting all this together and its so appreciated by the fans for sure! I am so excited to hear more tour news and to see you all in a couple months to give you all big hugs!! much love, monica
Comment by Sandy Wyatt on April 12, 2011 at 3:38am
♥♥♥ Busy, busy times for you all for sure (",) . . . . man I hope my plan comes together tho . . . INCUBUS IN NEW ZEALAND . . . Now THAT would be extremely awesome!!! ♥♥♥
Comment by sketchwish (Mod) on April 11, 2011 at 10:21pm




Comment by Amanda M Moreno on April 11, 2011 at 7:51pm
Comment by Travis Kenny on April 11, 2011 at 7:08pm
Y'all better be touring Australia...
Comment by Jessica Silva on April 11, 2011 at 6:05pm

Wait when will the summer dates be announced?


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