Weekly Update #17 for 'Week' of August 15th - August 18th

The North American leg of the If Not Now, When? Tour is officially underway! The fine men of Incubus kicked off two months of being on the road in North America on Wednesday, August 17th with their return to Red Rocks, Colorado. The concert was streamed live on the Internet on Incubus' very own Livestream channel (http://bit.ly/incubuslive) and drew in almost 12K viewers to share in the festivities and enjoy the show for free from their own homes. That is, for those counting at home, almost three thousand more fans than the venue itself holds.


The concert footage was available on the band's Livestream to be streamed on-demand for several days after the show, and now appears on occasion amongst the almost 300 videos of live performances that can be added to fans' Dream Setlists during Livestream Takeovers. Every day, a few lucky fans are given the reins to the Livestream, choosing their 'Dream Setlist' of approximately 20 songs to be shown in any order they wish. The Livestream's Vault includes performances from as far back as 1996 (Yes, that's Fungus Amongus) and generally showcases the way in which the band has changed and grown over the last twenty years. Fans interested in making their own Dream Setlists can visit this thread to join in the fun: http://incubushq.com/profiles/blogs/your-dream-incubus-setlist


Since Red Rocks, the band has been busy traveling through the Mid West; they played the Buzz Beach Ball in Kansas City as well as St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit. Every night has been different—including guest guitar work from Tom Morello in a special edition of Sick Sad Little World—and every night the party has kicked off on the Livestream channel with a 'pre-game' show. Fans can drop by the Livestream before every concert this tour and watch in real time as fans at the concert get ready to rock and as Incubus' newest roadie Francisco Stiglich makes dreams happen in the Incubus HQ Tent. The pre-show programming is run by manager Steve Rennie and includes on-request videos as well as a chance for trivia contests and to win tickets to a show near you.


Of course, the real fun is in going to the shows. Fans who arrive at the venue a little early can drop by the Incubus HQ Tent to visit with Cisco. For every show on the tour, Cisco has six pit tickets in his pocket; for those fans who are helpful enough or passionate enough about the band, Mr. Stiglich can upgrade their tickets to the pit for an up-close and personal Incubus experience. Cisco also has lots of cool swag—including signed If Not Now, When? vinyls—to give away to eager fans willing to come by and keep him company before the concert starts.


After every show, the band's team has been working hard to share the best parts of the concert with fans who couldn't make it down. Pictures and audio straight from the soundboard can be found on the Incubus Mobile Roadie app, which is available here for Android and iPhone: http://mobileroadie.com/apps/incubushq (unfortunately it is not supported on Blackberry just yet). The Mobile Roadie app is also the only place to listen to the third If Not Now, When? B-Side “Hold Me Down”, and it is home to quite a few additional Incubus goodies exclusive to the app.


Despite high temperatures, earthquakes and hurricanes, the tour is underway and coming to a town near you. Incubus has been, as always, putting on shows that cannot be rivaled, and we hope you'll come see one soon.

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Comment by Silvia Paci Digei (Italia adm) on August 28, 2011 at 6:50am
are you sure this weekly update isn't meant for week from 15 to 28?
Comment by Andrew Capets on August 27, 2011 at 1:00pm

Lauren - is there an ETA for the blackberry mobilerodie app? If not, are there plans to share the third If Not Now, When? B-Side “Hold Me Down?"


Comment by Silvia Paci Digei (Italia adm) on August 26, 2011 at 6:03pm

Will Incubus HQ Tent be available during Europe Leg as well? *_*




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