How can it be that a band that has its own world headquarters with thousands of people in it as fans comes out with a new video and only 7,000 people have liked it so far? We need to get together as a community and bring up this number, show our huge support for Incubus, who have influenced our lives in so many ways.

In my opinion I think this video is beautiful, it is simple, yet perfect for the song and for the band. They always manage to out do their previous work which is completely extraordinary. 

I'm completely in love with the slow motion part of the video, specially how it matches the music so perfectly, the black and white enhances the video and song even more. Did anyone notice Mike? He seems more comfortable than he ever has in any other Incubus video. I cannot wait to see what they will bring us with "If Not Now, When?"




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Comment by Jaclyn Shanley on July 28, 2011 at 11:43am
I especially love the effect that going in and out of focus does for the video. Its such a game changer from being just black and white. I feel like it makes our vision dance, much like the song, being out of sight, out of mind. <3 Incubus


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