Those enriched in their passion of creativity hold innate, in themselves, the power of vulnerability.

The creativity Incubus has exuded through out the years is overwhelming.
To characterize the talent of this group just to the bounds of “music” is foolish.

This marriage of individuals succeeded in collaborating their thoughts, their ideas, their hearts, & their intellect into unison for those willing to listen.
I believe these attributes, well thought of & perfected, are the reasons why this group has withstood the test of time & date of expiration.

The power to manifest unconventional thoughts & subjective experience into a universal being is what I hold dear about Incubus.

I can sit, press play to any song & immediately focus myself into a kaleidoscope of happiness, sadness, anger, relief, & vulnerability.

Incubus, to me, challenges the norm, challenges intrinsic insight, & challenges the expectation of how one views their circumstance in life.
My feelings are unguarded & accessible to the art they practice & live by.

Incubus, thank you for having the ability to open eyes & hearts without bias.


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Comment by CrisRiv on April 29, 2011 at 1:31pm
Cynthia, I had tried replying to you through a message but I'm not quite sure that it worked...THANK YOU for the positive feedback.  It feels great to know that you can relate thoughfully to what I wrote about the band. I am anticipating great things/work from Incubus this year.
Comment by Cynthia Katz on April 23, 2011 at 11:40pm

Hey Cristina, I loooooove so much what you wrote, it's beautiful! Sometimes is difficult for me to put in words all of my thoughts and feelings I have for Incubus. Maybe not that difficult, but I have to think for a long time and dig into the profound sea of emotions to make them flourish into a short and concise text, still with the appropriate words that express what I feel. On the other hand, it takes me even more time, since english is not my native language :)

However, reading your words is like reading my thoughts, so thank you! It's so great to find a "home" here, where so many people feel the same and have the priviledge to appreciate this precious gift that Incubus is. Plus, find talented and artistic people that write something like this.

I loved the use of the word "vulnerability", that describes exactly what Incubus makes me feel.

Comment by Oceana Light (lover of life) on April 23, 2011 at 7:12pm

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