I guess i was at school like everyday, doing homework, killing time.

My best friend walks into class and my music player starts Southern girl... So i'm looking at her and i let out this big sigh, never felt anything like that towards her, we hang out all the time and we are really good friends.

End of the day, still thinking about my friend, what could it all mean? Do i like her? Love her?... Just a phase starts playing... As i listen i am convinced of the lyrics and decide that it could be just a phase.

Weekend, i'm on facebook and see a note on her profile so i read it, something about the way people always appear to be something else to get close to others, for some reason i'm staring at her picture, let out another big sigh... The song changes from Nebula to I Miss you... So the lyrics get to me, i start thinking again... About her...

Right after I Miss You, I wish You were Here starts playing... It's too much coincidence, in my opinion...

Long story short, thanks to Incubus i have fallen in love with my best friend...

I wonder what song will play once i see her today... Can't wait...


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