so i wanted to post a little story here. but i change my mind because my memory is not that good so.. the best way to do this is posting an email that i sent to my very good friend Renman after the incubus visit to chile in 2010. i hope you like it guys and i hope you understand what i ment and what i passing thought those amazing couple of days.


its a really short version of the hole story though. but catch the feeling of what i was passing through.




Hey Renman.

First of all, of course I'd like to thank you for caming to Chile
again. We all are so happy that you care that much about us and we
really appreciate that too. I know you are such a busy guy so I'm not
gonna take long. I just wanted to share with you my little story with
Incubus here in Chile:

I have to start saying that I was feeling really sad lately because I
have been away from my friends, so when I knew about an Incubus concert
I was so happy that I bought the ticket the first day (to Maquinaria
Festival). then I was having troubles with the Private concert at the
Cupula Theater but I managed to get one ticket at the last minute (like a day before the show).

I was happy and I was at work looking a lot of people getting pictures
and autographs of the band. I have never been the kind of guy that
goes to the hotel for hours to see you bands but... then I thought
"God, this is my favorite band.. what am I doing here? I should be
meeting them somehow", so I took all of my stuff and run out of my
job. I got home and took my 2-CD version of Monuments & Melodies (in
case i can get an autograph) and went to the hotel.

There I found a lot of fans of Incubus and I felt just like home with
them.. really nice people. You'll see, my friends don't like Incubus
pretty much so I don't share much about the band with them, so I made
really good friends that day, new friends that share my love for
Incubus and we met at the concert (but I'll write more about that
later). In the hotel I met Brandon! Yeah, for a second when he was going out the van. I shared
some words with him but for some reason my camera didn't took any
picture of Brandon and me (I was so nervous) and forgot opening my M&M
album for an autograph. After that we waited until 1 AM for Incubus to
come out, but that didn't happen that day.

The concerts were amazing, I think these are the two best nights of my
life so far. Incubus is such a powerfull band and I just think they
are helping my country like that... it makes me proud to be a fan of
the band.

On sunday we changed the hour, I think you know that. And I overslept
because of that, and the Maquinaria concert last night. So when I woke
up I ran off to the hotel, but you had already left. And also when we
arrived to the airport. Im so sad that I couldn't meet you or get any
physical proof that I was with the band. As I said, I'm not that kind
of guy but, this week felt so powerful so unreal and at the same time so
intense by doing those things, I had a great time even if I didn't
meet you or if I didn't get the autographs. It's
 that so. Incubus is so amazing that made me remember how passionate I
have to be in life to enjoy myself with it and also I made new
friends because of you.

I guess what I want to say again and again is thank you so much for
been such a wonderfull band and play for us with such powerful songs
and feelings. Once again I'm really proud to be an Incubus fan and I
hope the next time, I at least get a hello from you because you are
such a wonderful manager and of couse I hope to meet the band and say
this words for real.

I hope you can read this with your busy agenda. I'm looking forward to
the new album of the band.

See you soon Renman.

and have an awesome tour with the band."


so thats it... when i met brandon, he told me this amazing stuffs about he love fans and kind of but what really was touching for me was that he is so "normal" so simple. i just love the way that incubus is not only as a band but also as human beings. they are awesome.

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