Ok.! I promised I would write the story about the gig, so there it goes!

I got to Berlin about noon, so I went to my hostel, left my things and rushed to the venue. I met the guys from HQ in the park near the venue about 4:30pm – there was Tolga, Penny Lane and a group of other people I could barely recognize ;) Then me and my friend, whom I was with, went to get some beer and then we just sat by the venue. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to meet the guys from the band, nor The Renman, but I hope I’ll make up for it next time.

The gig:

Ok, I have to say this, and I hope nobody feels offended. The crowd at the venue SUCKED DICK. Almost nobody was jumping, was rocking out. I was in the 2nd row and when I was jumping, people actually hit me with their fists and pushed me away – this is fucking unbelievable. Why do you go to a rock concert? TO FUCKING ROCK, RIGHT?! I have been to some concerts in my life and something like this NEVER happened to me. So I was a bit pissed, but hey – Incubus’ gig! So, they started with Megalomaniac, so I went fucking crazy at the very beginning. Then there was Wish You Were Here, which was really climatic and sounded pretty nice.

Then we had Pardon Me – and here’s the cool part :>  Check out the link: http://bit.ly/mFjAfm – and scroll to 26:03 and listen closely to “WOOOOO – IS THIS THE SHIT OR WHAT?!” – that was actually me screaming and then Brandon said “yesss!” and looked in my direction. Then I yelled “WOOOHOOO” and he pointed at me and laughed – how fucking crazy is that?! :D

You can actually see me in the vid on 40:55 and 41:03 when the band is playing Anna Molly and when they are playing Under My Umbrella too ;)

Overall the gig was great. It didn’t kill me, but it was really good. I was really pissed with the crowd, they, I repeat, SUCKED DICK. At least most of it.

After the concert, some of the people stayed outside the venue, but it was really difficult to get to the boys. First they were waving at us from the window, then they got out from the venue through different exits. People actually caught Brandon and Mike (and Ben I think), but they were in a rush, so unfortunately I didn’t manage to get the pic nor an autograph. Better luck next time ;)


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Comment by Forest King on June 20, 2011 at 3:38pm

pioooo you better get your ass down to london next time, we rocked the venue to the ground on the 14th!

Comment by Sarahh (SHAFT!) on June 20, 2011 at 3:35pm
i love pio! this is awesome.. big smile every time I hear your WOOOOOOO over the lame crowd   heheheh ;]


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