Earlier this evening, I read Brandon's new posts on Facebook regarding the fake brndnboyd on Twitter. All of his comments made me laugh, and I was suddenly (and still are) seized with happiness, especially after reading the last post which says "I read the comments. You guys make me smile. Thank you."

So I decided to write him a few lines, and it turned into a long letter! I needed to express what I feel about Incubus and about Brandon as an artist and as a person who I admire. However, I didn't do it just for me -because it was a pleasure to do so- but for him, to make him happy and proud giving him a feedback for what he and the band have done. To show him how their music have influenced me, and how his words have inspired me in every possible way. Love and passion is about giving, an act of human kindness without expecting anything in return; if you really feel it, the only act of doing it gives you so much pleasure in return. That is how I feel about incubus, that is why I wrote these lines. I wanted to give Brandon and the rest of the band (if they get to read it) a piece of me, a glimpse of the other side (the fans), a different perspective, to be in my (or ours) shoes.

I hope that some of you can relate with what I wrote, if you do so, I will really appreciate your feedback. I would like to know your opinions. Also, I would like to meet people who have similar interests as mine and who can feel identified with what I think about the band. Because, although I have friends who like Incubus, none of them feel the passion I feel, or feel this much inspiration as I do, or think this is the best band ever. How can I explain it? Is like one part of me is complete and fulfilled thanks to Incubus, because I can say I have a deep admiration and a favorite thing :)

Here goes my Facebook post:

Brandon, you make me smile too :)
Ok. I'm not sure if you're going to be able to read this message (considering so many people have written), but I just wanted to let you know that you have a a big admirer here in Venezuela.

Incubus and you have been my passion and my source of inspiration for many years. It is even difficult to put it in words, and I can't help to be moved when I think about it. Your music, your voice, your lyrics, they all transport me to a beautiful place.

Thanks to you, Brandon, I've learned and keep learning. Your literary style and talent in your lyrics and your books make me look for the meaning of some words, learning new vocabulary. Also, after listening or reading interviews where you talk about the books you've read, I've been inspired to know about their authors and read these books I didn't know before (for instance, Patrick Süskind's The Perfume, George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984, Henry Miller, and even Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, haha.)

I'm also a creative and artistic person. I studied architecture, and constantly seek for any kind of art and see every little new detail to inspire me. But I also think that art should evolve and not stay the same, the world is constantly changing, and we have to be aware of these changes and adopt them in our creations, in plastic arts, photography, architecture, literature, music, fashion. The later is one of my passions too, I don't believe in trends to be taken so literal, but to have style and constantly change it, always keeping your essence. The same goes to architecture, music, and all the kinds of art. That's why I feel so identified with Incubus and with you. I love that your music constantly changes, always surprise us (your fans), but you never loose your essence. About your interviews and your books, is funny that I read them and can relate, connect, and concord so much with your words; that makes me smile, to realize that I have a similar mentality, and maybe, in a way, to express myself through your writings while I'm reading (as it may happen with many your fans).

I really feel very grateful to be one of the persons who appreciates Incubus, and can't imagine being someone else who doesn't have the good fortune to know you, love your music, and all that comes with it.

For all of the above, I respect you and admire you as an artist, as a creative person, as a musician, and as a person who has no fear to express what he feels, what he has learned, what he can create; and therefore, to be capable to materialize it, as you showed us in The Wild Trapeze. (I still need a little push to loose this fear I have when I create, and when I want to bring to life my projects and dreams).

I wish you the best of luck in all your future plans, both in your professional and personal life.
Love and Light from Venezuela!


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Comment by Pilar Jarillo Rincon on April 8, 2011 at 9:54am

Cynthia  it´s beautiful, you get your words to my heart, your way of expressing how you feel about Brandon and Incubus, it's pretty sweet, hopefully they will read it someday...


Comment by Cynthia Katz on March 24, 2011 at 10:32pm

Thank you all! I feel so good here, surrounded by true fans :D

@nebula421 and @Anthony: All the words came from my heart. Wrote it fast and missed a few things, but I think I managed to express how I feel.

@Carlo: now that we talked and you told me that sometimes is difficult for you to express yourself.. I'm happy you feel the same way. Perseverance and patience! haha ;)

@Linda: Very nice! You completed my idea . "true artist" "with so much heart and soul". That's the way to pursue our dreams.

Comment by Anthony Lear on March 16, 2011 at 9:29pm
Comment by Carlo Terrazas on March 15, 2011 at 8:43pm
very nice! i feel the same way!


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