Silliest / Raddest Dream Ever! (featuring INCUBUS! 8D)

May 22, 2011

6:30 am


Just woke up from the weirdest, most awesome dream ever!

I was in an Incubus concert. However, as inexplicable dreams are, the band was playing among the crowd and I was sitting beside Jose Pasillas with Ben Kenny almost directly in front of me while they were playing an off-the-roof version of.. wait, i forgot if it was drive or redefine.. I think it was both haha whatever.

It's so ridiculous how dreams tend to change instantly but I got to hug Jose (yey!) before the song ended and they suddenly disappeared and reappeared as--wait for it--AXL ROSE introduced them! How cool is that? haha I'm not sure why, but the band members didn't really got to answer any questions because Axl kept blabbing some silly jokes about Manny Pacquiao then disappeared or left (it was a blur).

As the band members started to leave, i started wondering if I could say hi or possibly take a picture with Brandon when all these people popped from nowhere and flocked around him (I saw Dianne C., Jon B., McJen, Dori, Nav, Zarina and some other people i don't recognize) so I rushed to Mickey who got safely through the door before the crowd got rowdy and I got to say hi. I hope Mikey wouldn't be offended but in my dream, he was soooo tall: he was towering over me like a 7-footer dude! He looked a bit out of sorts but I didn't get to ask why because before I reached his hand for a handshake, i woke up. :(


I still can't get over it. lol

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