I tend to get a new tattoo with every major event in my life. Each tatttoo I have designed myself and has a significance to me. Getting a tattoo has always a great effect to me. I was raised by a very strict and conservative father. Each tattoo is like a kick in the shins to him, and yes, I have always been the rebelious one in the family. First to be of mixed race, first to talk back (so they say), first to defy my grandmother, first to get anything pierced other than my ears, and first to get a tattoo.

I can't begin to explain what it feels like to me to get inked. It's always had a deeper meaning to me. Never had I gotten one for kicks, just because it's cute, trendy, or on impuls. Each and everyone comemorates a point in my life. Even the ones I covered up...


My first one was a panther head profile that I had designed as a logo for an assignment at an Internship at a fashion design studio. That was a big deal to me as it was being used for production.

That one has since been covered up with a red rose and the phrase "Iam amore virginali totus volo quod amor timeo." Meaning "love is what I desire, love is what I fear".  I got that as I was going through a divorce and met someone new very shortly after.


I also have a cross and tribal band around my ankle to commemorate my grandparents. they were very religious and traditional, to honor them with a tattoo is a great irony. They would shoot me if they were still alive :)


The last one is a combo of the symbols for Taurus and Libra, signifying the union between my (ex) husband and myself. We had remained friends after the divorce, so I never considered having it covered up. It is time now. (Ifnot now, when? lol)

This one will be covered with a Lotus flower with a jewel inside. Yes, the literal translation to Om Mani Padme Hum. The last few months I have grown significally spiritually. Also, I will be getting "Veni, Vidi, Vici" ( I came, I saw, I conquered) as I have overcome many hardships and came out a positive, happy, and extremely loving soul.





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