I wanted to tell my Incubus story. I don't know where this is going to go or who will read it but here it is.

I'd been listening to their music for YEARS but was never able to make it to a show for one reason or another. Then, a month before the concert, I was away at college and I saw that they were playing nearby in Tampa. On a whim, I convinced a friend to buy tickets with me a couple weeks before the show. We hitched a ride up and I was a little nervous because some bands just aren't the same live, or aren't nearly as good live or, worst of all, lip sync. More than anything I did not want my Incubus illusions to be shattered. But all my fears were for naught. The band was just as, if not more, mantasmagorical live as recorded. I rocked the hell out at that show and even accidentally met and talked with Brandon afterwards! I have been itching for more in the months since. Though there are no dates announced yet anywhere near me, I might spend savings I don't have (that should go towards medical bills) on making the cross-country trip to Vegas to get my next fix. Because who knows, maybe I won't be able to travel by the time they make it back here. If not now, when? Right?

Love and music,


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Comment by Renman on March 21, 2012 at 8:15am

Glad you enjoyed the show! Good luck to you. Cheers-Ren


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