The night has come to an end. Yes, "An Incubus Tribute Party: If Not Now, When?" has officially, technically, finally ended. And now, it's a different day -- a new day.


Was it a success? Yes. And I thank GOD for that.


So, is this how it feels? It's bittersweet. Thinking about this makes me cry--- sad and happy both at the same time. I don't want this to end. The night was too short and no matter how fucked up and tired I am, I would've wanted to add a lot of moments in this epic night. July 14 will always be a date to remember, from here on. I can't believe i am saying this, but somehow i feel that this date is the most meaningful and memorable Incubus-related moment of my life. It's just a proof that whatever you dream, for as long as you've put your heart into it, you could achieve. Out of my love for the band incubus, me and my friends, yes-- friends, have pulled this off. It was just a blur a few years back, and we weren't even "friends" yet. We were just a bunch of acquaintances, strangers, who happened to like the band. but our passion and love for the music and the band has somehow made all of us closer, bringing us together to do things either just for the random fan-mode or the serious feeling of subconscious self obligation (I mean, things that we feel are part of our humanity). Did I make sense? hehe I hope so... Somehow, I am happy that it is over, eating all my "personal time" (not that I need it, I am very much single so there's a lot of time to spare).


But now, I think I want more, which is the semi-sad part. I wanna do this, THIS. Pull off gigs for charities, not just some gig-"gig" to promote a band, but gigs that the people would actually enjoy. Gigs that are meaningful and for a cause. Gigs that the band would enjoy. Can we have it all for everyone's sake? So there, there it is. My if not now, when? moment. To be honest, before I had a more vague view as to "when?" But now, things have become clearer.


I can't believe that last night has finally come into conclusion after months of planning and preparation (having "real jobs" by day and "fan/dream jobs" in between the "real job). I am happy for a lot of things. But I hope, this isn't the last. I am praying for more. And thus, I would hold on to what my heart remembers about last night, until that day comes when I could move on. I am sad that it's finally over. Seriously. :( But I guess, I have to move forward and think of greater things to do-- and to come. If not now, when?

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