recently, I worked for Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. if you're familiar with Jimmy, you know he has a huge following. his fans are known as parrot heads. in the restaurant, we have multiple televisions that play his videos, or show clips from concerts. you have all these people running around in hawaiian shirts with stupid parrots and shit on their heads, it just looks really goofy. often times i'd think to myself, "what's so great about him that these people just go ape shit over him?" because really, if you boil his music down, it's nothing about alcohol, women troubles, and vacations. then i thought about it for a minute... the way of life that his music produces does relate to the fans, because they're mostly older and are able to retire, or looking soon to retire, and enjoy the lifestyle that his music idealizes. and then, i thought of incubus...
someone on the outside looking in at incubus fans would wonder the same thing. "why do people just love this band?" incubus for me, helped me, in a way, to find myself. i fell upon them in the eighth grade when i didn't really know what real music was. i liked stuff that catered to the mood i was in and probably just closed the book on my *NSYNC chapter. when i stumbled upon them, because it was honestly like they were a rock and i hit it and fell, it shaped my love for music and what it is today. i could go on about the exact detailed reasons why i love them (which may happen in another entry) but the fact is that incubus fans share a mutual connection with each other because of our appreciation and shared ideology we have with the music, art, and band. unless you were a fan, you almost wouldn't understand. 
i felt bad for judging jb's fans, knowing that the same is probably looked at upon incubus fans. i smiled though, because no who we're fans of, music all connects us because we have that understanding of just totally loving an artist and their music. and that's what counts at the end of the day-music!

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