Music is the love of my life! I listen to all genres, and I love to sing so much, whether it be in the office or in my room or in the bathroom. Frustrated dancer and guitarist, and a very much frustrated composer ^^. Oh! And an aspiring stage singer.

Of course I love watching movies… on dvds MORE advanced than the cinemas. Hey I’m in the Philippines ya’ll! I’m just kidding…

Books? Nah I don’t read novels. What I read are Christian inspirational books, something to learn from on how to stay on track. And… of course, the bible, currently studying it myself. Not bad eh? I know it’s an old, old book but hey it never fails to teach me something new!

Sports? I love to swim, just learned on my own… well of course God was present. Chess? I’m an average player. Badminton? Just to have fun. Table tennis? Exciting! Tennis? Never get to touch a racket. Basketball? I sure can throw a ball from where I stand STILL. Volleyball? Ouch… Skating? Soon…

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