I have several obsessions. Luckily they are all fairly healthy ones although I do question whether the football supporter part is good for me mentally or physically.  I've been reading a book called "We don't Know What we're Doing" by Adrian Chiles about the madness of supporting a team and I empathise with his general conclusion. We must be masochistic madmen/women. I support Huddersfield Town in England's League One. It's been a good season.


I love music too but I can't play and won't sing. Except in the car. I have several friends in bands or who are talented and I bask in their reflected glory and want to hug them or beat them up for their talent depending on the moment!


Watching live rock music started for me in the 1970s with the original Genesis, Gentle Giant, Mott the Hoople, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash and Yes. Progressive Rock. But that fun generally died out from 1980s once marriage and associated poverty kicked in!


After that I saw only a handful of bands/gigs. Prodigy, supported by Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace (I got into them as they are a local band and a friend knew the brothers and recommended them. Saw them twice, brilliant!

More recently I saw The South (a version of  The Beautiful South) and they were amazing.  


Then a few years back I became friends with a chap who happened to be a musician. He invited me along to see his Rock Covers Band "Creme Brulee". Over several gigs I was hooked on the music and the new friends and I heard music I didn't recognise. I went looking for this new style of music - Green Day, Metallica, System of a Down, Blink 182 etc.  I found lots but one track I heard reverberated and stuck in my head more than others.


This was A Kiss to send us Off. I learned it was by Incubus and then went to listen to other Incubus tracks and loved it all. This is where the internet has a positive effect on the music business. As a result of that one dodgily-downloaded track I have bought every album Incubus have made.


Now I have the new album on pre-order and hope to get to see the band for the 1st time in June. And then hopefully for at least a second time later in the year. Almost as exciting,  I get to meet other Incubus fans and discuss their music. I'm not troubled by celebrities. I know quite a few and enjoy their company without being starstruck but I must admit that I would be a little in awe of Brandon and his boys. They are wizards. Alchemists. I can't wait to see them cast their spells and to taste their latests concoctions.


I hope to meet as many fellow fans as i can.














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Comment by Me on November 20, 2011 at 4:34am
I liked reading this!


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