Introspection on Tomorrow's Food by Incubus

Tomorrow's Food:

I know you vie for the good ol' days
And with less of us around, we were a cinch to sway
Does it feel like it's the end of the world?
Well maybe it is, but when was it not?
Cause it's true, me and you
We are all tomorrow's food today

There's no such thing as the good ol' days
The older we all get, the better we all were
There's no such as the end of the world
(But just in case!) you'd best batten down and button up
Cause it's true, me and you
We are all tomorrow's food today


"There's no such thing as the end of the world"... because we are the world, and it is us. When we die, it completes the circle - our bodies are giving back to the world which lies in spirit. Not we as in just humanity - we as in all living thingsThat's spirituality in general. There's something that connects us - a certain energy. And that energy has to go somewhere, right? I do believe in souls as well, as part of that energy. But I don't think there's such a thing as a new soul. This energy that connects us all breaks into billions of pieces and is renewed when you die...when you give back. I wonder if that's anything close to what he was thinking when he wrote it. Probably not. Song interpretations are strongly reflective of personal experiences. It means this to me because of how I think and feel and what I've done. But it could mean something entirely different to you because we do not think exactly the same or feel exactly the same. We have not gone through the same experiences that mold our minds into more cohesive (or sometimes less cohesive) states. And that's sort of beautiful, isn't it? How differently we all might interpret one piece of artistry...

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