Who: Incubus fans everywhere.
What: A virtual music festival.
Where: Twitter.
When: All or part of the week that includes Incubus Day (4/21) and José Pasillas’ birthday (4/26), 2013.
Why: Because our birthday parties for Brandon Boyd and Ben Kenney were such a blast!Incufest

There’s only one week to go before #Incufest 2013, a worldwide celebration of all things Incubus, which will take place on Twitter between April 21 (i.e. 4/21, Incubus Day) and April 26 (José Pasillas’ birthday). The planning committee offers the following, not as a hard and fast schedule, but just as a suggestion of things we might focus on to make each day a little different. As with our previous parties, we expect #Incufest to take on a life of its own, and that additional themes will emerge as we go along.

Sunday, April 21 - Focus on Early Incubus (Fungus Amongus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., When Incubus Attacks, Enjoy Incubus, etc.)

Monday, April 22 - All about Brandon Boyd, Make Yourself, and Morning View. 

Tuesday, April 23 - Mike Einziger, A Crow Left of the Murder, and Light Grenades

Wednesday, April 24 - Ben Kenney, Monuments and Melodies, and If Not Now, When?

Thursday, April 25 - DJ Kilmore and all else Incubus (Look Alive, Red Rocks, HQ, Incubus covers, the band’s solo projects, Time Lapse Consortium, MYF, etc., etc.)

Friday, April 26 - All about birthday boy José Pasillas.

And of course, all throughout the festival, we want hear why you love Incubus, and invite you to share your Incubus stories, concert experiences, dream setlists, Incubus tattoos, and anything else you’d like to show and tell. And maybe if we all put our heads together we can finally solve the Pistola mystery!

We’ll probably schedule a flash tweet a day or two ahead of time to invite all the band members and let them know what we’re up to. So stay tuned to this channel for more information. In the meantime, head on over to anomalija-incubusic’s Facebook event to let us know you’re in!

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