Here I am a 38 year old woman...opppps well for a few days 38:) I have truly lived with incubus songs in my head and now Incubus has been the soundtrack to my relationship. I am engaged to man named Bahadir. He and I have been together for almost 2 years. I know you are saying "Yeah yeah great for you" But our life is different. He lives in Turkey and I live in the states. We met when i was on vacation. I saw him and he saw me...Instant our connection. He knew no english..but that did not stop our connection and chemistry. 2 months after meeting him I get a email from his friend saying " Are you wanting a relationship? Are you single?" Alittle unsure where that line of questioning was heading I answered "Yes I am single and If its the right person of course i would want a relationship" I learned that Bahadir had been learning english to even speak the smallest word to me. I was very flattered by this and very excited that the man I had not been able to stop thinking about wanted to get to know me:) 


So flash forward to the last few months....We listen to Incubus all the time together and when we are apart. As it speaks to us both. We are currently waiting for our K1 visa to be approved and he will come here. We have been waiting so far 7 months...its been tough and really difficult. You dont realize how much stress comes when someone else is deciding what can happen with your life. Well we have a deal that the first concert we will see together will be incubus. I always seem to not get tickets to past shows, either due to money or the show selling out. SO this will be my first incubus show. September 18th in Tampa florida. I really am excited on top of this because bahadir should be here at the end of August (fingerscrossed) SO what amazing timing it is that our first concert together would be INcubus...Here's hoping that the Immigration doesnt take longer, but if this plays out as it should...I will be the happiest girl on this planet. 


Its funny as I have never been married before ...most girls are thinking the dress and food blah blah first thought was "what if we forgo a full blown wedding and just get married at the courthouse and use all our money to hire incubus to play a private show" He and I are both thinking this is a great idea:) My excitement is huge at the thought of Bahadir and I living in the same home always...and on top of that realizing our dream is going to happen with the 1st concert together...What a way to start our life together.....

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