so my mom wants to go to spain in april.

my Incubus daydream is..

what if while i was there....i spot Brandon eating at some cozy little cafe! i introduce myself, and he says."Valencia? i met a girl named Valencia once"...oh yeah...btw, we're in Valencia, Spain....

then i jump up and down, and do my happy fingers thing(if you know me you know what i'm talkin bout...willis;) ) and i say "YES!!!  THAT WAS MEEEE!!! IN DETROIT, MI!!!"

heheehe, then we proceed to have coffee and great conversation!........

ahhh, me and my daydreams...but hey, even Brandon himself said he would write stuff down and believe those things would happen, so maybe this will:)

I said it before i met them..."this is my time. i'm gonna meet them." and I did:-D

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