Incubus, 10 years of my life and beyond

The things I’ve learned from Incubus, I carry on me like a second skin.

Ever since I was 10 years old I’ve loved them, from my very first Incubus song (Pardon Me) to the most recent favorite of “The Original” from their latest album release. 

I could go on for hours saying wonderful things about Incubus, but it won’t do justice to the way I really feel whenever I hear them or watch their concerts. These past 12 years of complete following them has graced me with the privilege of watching and hearing them grow, fit into their wide array of shoes, and outdo themselves, over and over again

Whenever I listen to or watch Incubus I feel alive. My stomach churns and my heart feels sensations that I always forget could exist —- like kissing a person for the first time, like realizing and admitting that you are indeed, in love with nothing to make you feel any less of it. 

I cried twice during the concert, once when they played my favorite, “The Warmth” and again during “I Miss You”.

Incubus, for the years of music that I’ve chosen to partake with you, thank you. You’ve never failed to show me how an artist / a band can change so much..but grow still in its proper shoes. You’ve never failed to make me rediscover that true love, does exist. You’ve never failed to make me feel all sorts of emotions, the entire range possible in the human capacity. You’ve never failed to remind me that even if there are songs or albums that tread unsteadily on my wavelength, it’s part of the whole and significant in the process of yours and my evolution. You’ve never failed to remind to to make better sense of to love both the perfect and the less than tolerable.

I love you, and I always will, Incubus. Don’t ever stop.:) <3

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