Besides the amazing story yet to be told about the circumstances lying behind my first listening to the record, If Not Now, When? is a story itself. Personally, I will never get used to what Incubus has been doing with every new album, and it is indeed one of the things I love the most about them: difference.

INNW has a particular vibe that flights all across from the first song to Tomorrow’s Food. This is the vibe of clearness and tranquility. Although, you will find and experience really strong emotions on its way.  This is the core of Incubus, this is what the previous works led the band to. You can’t get any simpler and yet powerful than this. And as it clear and direct this new gift is, what I’m going to write will be clear as well, and consider yourself advised, this review will be very abstract, because I am sure it is going to affect you in some ways I can’t even imagine, just as it did to me in beautifully unexpected ways. It’s time for you to leave the room, or take the next step, If not now, when?

This journey starts with the song that gives the name to the album, If Not Now, When? Gives you the first impression of coming back to the 80’s, of course then you find out it is very sophisticated and it can perfectly turns into an anthem for an epic moment in your life when asking yourself if you should do what will keep moving you forward or not, it’s the melody that starts to play when you say yes, I´ll move forward.

It’s amazing how wide the spectrum of complex feelings this album can open for you in such pure and spacious sounds. There is a long and relaxing walk from Promises, Promises all the way to Defiance; in fact, these songs take you to some of the most precious places the band has been taking you to for the past years.

There are so many things happening behind The Original that you might want to hear it again just to keep feeling the powerful and electrical environment it creates after how soft it seemed to be.  And of course, a man with a guitar with a man with a great voice can accomplish enormous successes without the over perfected digital sounds, Defiance might be the best example of how clean Incubus is this time in If Not Now, When? But please do not take this as a law graved on stone law of an extremely and brand new Incubus will be from now on, because we will be greatly surprised, there are some unexpected companies yet to embrace, Wolves.

In the Company of Wolves will be, by far one of the most expected songs to hear live, there is an incredible amount of free spaces (do not mistake with silence) yet to be explored and I’m sure they will, for now, this song has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. The longest track on this album is the door that starts sending you home through the last gardens of the park, starting to be aware of the reality outside, but not without some shaking lyrics yet to process on your way home. A tough one.

Switchblade will take you from your feet and recreate turbulence, it disrupt you from whatever you were thinking about and makes you aware that the street is near. It is the most different song among the rest of the group, but that’s the purpose after all, to switch you, hey, we’re still Incubus, now listen to this one.

After you are now very aware of what’s happening around you, it comes the time to remind you what the band essentially is, what they have been doing for years, the most Incubus song on this album is Adolescents, I say Incubus as an adjective, because it maintains the heart of it, with a strong and fierce song without the obvious hard rock sounds waiting to be eaten by music scavengers, this is the bait, the white and bright light to the ones yet to be convinced to get over the good oldies. Let’s be part of the great present so we can finally say these time were good in the future, where we all will be the world’s tomorrow food, thank you for coming.

Tomorrow’s Food takes you home, makes you watch the night lights from a different angle, it makes you appreciate what you have now and to take the best from you on the road. It lifts your feet and pushes you forward to better decisions, to expect what’s coming and to enjoy how enormously warmth can be a future in silence, expecting for a next big bang to happen, but you never know… for now.


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Comment by Constanza Piantanida (Conita) on April 27, 2011 at 7:50am

Excelente Mr Stiglich :) No podia ser de otra manera.. ahora solo resta que lleguen los Cds a nuestras casas y empecemos el viaje nosotros mismos...

Gracias y Felicitaciones!!

Comment by Rita_lyn on April 26, 2011 at 7:56pm

y la traduccion?


Comment by Francisco Stiglich (Mod) on April 26, 2011 at 9:36am
Thanks Bru, I didn't want to write about every song in particular, and not that much about everything because I want you all to be surprised by it and not be spoiled by a fanmade review. This is basically how I feel about If Not Now, When? and I think it will get to you in different ways that in it did with me.
Comment by Bru Sanches on April 26, 2011 at 6:42am

Great perspective, Pancho!! I'm seeing people ditching the album around social media networks and I can't understand. I didn't allow myself to listen to the whole album leaked on the internet in respect of people who busted their arses off in order to make it but the songs I heard so far impressioned me. I confess i was quite scary and confused but it turned into a mix of delicious melodies on my ear drums. People expects bands do the same thing for years to come. Incubus is on the road for over 20 years, they've grown, learned new stuff and they want to share these new experiences with us. You are not oblige to bow to everything an artist do but please, respect their work

Thanks for the review, Francisco! I just missed your thoughts on Isadore

Comment by Diego Esteban Villouta Fredes on April 26, 2011 at 12:22am
After listening to the album I can say that I'm personally dissapointed about it, I was hoping for something a little more powerful, I'm not saying is a bad record or has bad music, it isn't, but not what I was waiting for after 5 years :/ ~
Comment by NiKoFuNk-IncubusChile on April 25, 2011 at 11:06pm

double post wins... i think that was like


"hey guys i wanna do a experimental sound album, ... if not know, when guys ah?" and that was this album born... and for sure... i love this record ;)

Comment by NiKoFuNk-IncubusChile on April 25, 2011 at 10:22pm
experimental sound... great one.
Comment by María Serna on April 25, 2011 at 10:05pm
Comment by María Serna on April 25, 2011 at 10:05pm


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