I was 17 when I first heard of them. The song was 'Drive' and it was everywhere, playing constantly on radio and on MTV. I liked the song, but I didn't love it. It didn't really hit me at first but I felt it was a decent song that was just being overplayed by a band I thought I'd probably never hear from or get into again...


Fast-forward a year...my friend asked me if I ever heard of incubus before. I told her I think I did and asked if they were the band that did Drive. It was the only song I had heard of them still and that's when she told me I had to listen to a song called Stellar. She told me that I'd really appreciate the vocals and I really did. I immediately fell in love with both Brandon's vocals and Mikey's guitar and that's what still stands out to me when I listen to it today. After hearing Stellar, I wanted to hear more...


2001. I was a senior in high school and one night another friend of mine said that I had to listen to a song called Nice To Know You. By this time I was still getting into incubus but I guess the 3rd time is indeed the charm. I couldn't stop playing this song, I was finally hooked. I quickly bought Make Yourself and Morning View (and eventually all the other albums) and have basically listened to them almost everyday. Morning View would turn out to be (and still is) my favorite incubus album and even inspired me to get a tattoo of a koi fish. Words wouldn't be able to describe how much I love that album. I just love it.


Since 2001 I've been a huge fan of this band. I just love the music and the members. They are my favorite band.


- Jimmy



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