What Direction Do You Think Or Hope Incubus Will Take On The Next Album?

Just wanted to invite any and all to chime in with their thoughts on what direction you think, or perhaps hope Incubus may take on their next album. I am of mind to think it will be a harder edged album this time. I know that may sound too easy to some but I think this next album will be a progression like all the others with enough "IN YO FACE"  and extended jams, that some detractors of their music may be a tad regretful to have dismissed any recent offerings as  they attempt to jump back on the bandwagon. Of course, this is all my humble but heartfelt opinion. Speak your thoughts as  freely as I have and of course......Enjoy Incubus. P.S. I just recently spun my entire Incubus vinyl lp collection in order and if there is a weak album in there I have never heard it.

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