so mikey, what can i say about this member of the band? i can say that he is to me the best guitarrist ever in the world, sure, there is others more skilled or that can do insane crazy stuffs with the guitar like i dont know play the guitar and the yo-yo at the same time, but they  lack what mike has in abundance wich is talent and simplicity. Mike can take 3 easy basic chords and make a master song just with that and that for me is the best in the world. this talent and simplicity can be seen in his non musical life he is just as modest and simple as a man can be and thats way cool for a superstar like him.


anyways thanks to this guy im learning to play guitar, something i must say never thought i was going to do. happy birthday dear mike please dont stop making music we are really really happy to hear new stuffs and share with other what you share with us. Mike and incubus forever. hope to see you maybe in person (i hope) back in chile. HAPPY BDAY MIKEY! all your fans love and want to hear more of you.

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