Posted this on facebook earlier. It's about music beginning to take off for me lately. 


To every friend and loved one that I know, 


     There really is no way for me to express the sheer amount of gratitude that I have for all of you tonight, and for all of the love and support I have been blessed to receive within the past month. It started with simply asking friends to come to the May 13th show, and now it has become something rather extraordinary. You see, it's extremely hard to almost mimic ticketmaster, while working increasing hours, maintaining health and sleep, practicing music with the band and memorizing new songs, and most importantly..., seeing friends and making sure that they know that I am not simply trying to be a salesman. I love you all sincerely and completely. I mean, I've had to work almost non-stop, because we're not millionaires who can just say "presto" and have people spread the word or sell the tickets. It's all on us, and it's been difficult not to allow the fine line between care and greed to become blurred. Luck is a funny thing... One minute I'm working what seemed like a lot and running into one misfortune after another, and then BAM! -People I don't even know are interested, friends are madly excited, and the outpouring of love alone has been greater than anything I've ever experienced. But to elaborate on the luck part of that, everything seems to shine on me. I play instant tickets when I feel like I will win, and I win. I am given free stuff at least 3-5 times a week. I am able to make others smile so easily it doesn't even feel like I'm trying anymore, and I love that. There is no bigger treasure buried anywhere on this Earth, and it baffles me more than any crazy, scientific mystery, etc... Those I've been around have shared in my luck. Just everything, seemingly endless, from communication to blood sugar control... It's unbelievable. And the one thing that truly makes me happy about it, is the fact that every one of you have been so supportive, so amazing, so giving... There just aren't enough adjectives and I have no idea how I can ever repay this level of kindness... I give you this vow... No matter what, I will always remain true to selflessness and open love. I'll always be trustworthy and honest. I'll always be the most loyal friend I can be, and I will always and forever hold dearly every ounce of beautiful happiness that you all have given me. Nothing can break it and nothing will stop me from sharing it with you. 


     And so on this night, when the only thing left to be done is sleep, I want to thank everyone for being the best damned friends and family that any human being could ask for. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..., for the support and smiles and love... I am truly the luckiest man in the world. So, get some rest and be safe. If you're there on Friday, be ready for my best performance yet, and if you're not, I'll have you there in my heart. I'm sorry this is so sopping with mushiness, but I really can't help it. :P Nothing has ever been as good as how good you've all been to me. Cheers, goodnight, I love you, and thank you for YOU... 


                                                                                               -From the bottom of my heart and soul, 




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