Now I may not have had the luckiest job in the world like Cisco but I consider myself unbelievably lucky to see these guys 3 times this tour. I will give y'all a brief history of my love for this band. I discovered them in late 1998 maybe early 1999 when science was still new. My parents were super strict and there was no way I could listen to their music so for science, make yourself, and even morning view I had a portable cd player I hid in between my mattress and box spring. I then had the old school headphones and broke them in half so I could lay on one on my pillow and they couldn't see it. They have been my favorite band for 12 maybe 13 years now and I have had tickets to either 6 or 7 shows before this tour and all of them fell through. So when they announced they were going on tour I saved everything I could. The day the tour dates came out I bought 2 tickets to red rocks and 2 tickets to Atlanta. The next day at work I was talking to my friend about going out to Colorado and he said he'd do anything to go since we'd be camping. So I found my first Incubus victim. He was not the biggest fan but I'll get there later. So then I asked my best friend and probably the one person I knew who liked Incubus somewhat close to me if he wanted to go to the Atlanta show. So both my tickets were sold. Then I bought two round trip plane tickets from Atlanta to Colorado for only 125$. I asked my friend then to book the rent a car since he's over 25 and I'm not. So time passed and I actually ended up moving from Atlanta to Montgomery in this time. More time passed I watched as much of the HQ stuff as I could but was usually at work. I did get to chat with Ren a few times and he called me seriously devoted since I was flying to red rocks when they were playing in Atlanta. To have their "manager" :-\ say that will always mean something to me. He told me to find him out there so that was my next goal. So the day before our plane leaves to Colorado I drive from Montgomery to Atlanta and try and go to bed early however I literally didn't sleep one bit. I was on such an adrenaline high it didn't matter. So we get to the airport and I find out the rent a car had not been booked........So we start brainstorming......what can we rent that's cheap because a rent a car would be 400$ and we were there less than 48 hrs. We think hey a UHAUL! Yes that's right we drove a uhaul around Colorado and to the concert. So when we get on the plane we both get a drink to help us sleep and I sleep a little for the first time ever on any vehicle. So we land and find a taxi to take us to the uhaul place and pick it up. We drive into Denver and go to walmart to get supplies and freeze dried meals to cook. So I had three campsites in mind but none of them took reservations and by the time we got there they were all full. So I call two RV sites and find one that allows camping. It is in the most beautiful little town I probably have ever been in. Golden, Colorado home of the COORS brewery. So we pull into the rv site and set up our camp and everyones laughing at the uhaul story. We then find out we can't make a fire so we walk into town to get some food. First thing we do is get some COORS and then eat our meal. We then walk back to our "campsite" and chill by the river for a bit and go to bed. My friend had a tent but I camp in my ENO hammock(google it) now and the Colorado weather was amazing. However, we were in a canyon so there was unsettled atmosphere so it was CRAZY windy so I was swaying back and forth which was kind of relaxing. We went to bed so early I woke up at 6 am and there was no way I was going back to sleep. We hiked around the mountains and rivers for a while and then went and got lunch at this super small deli with a huge line. Honestly probably the best deli sub I have ever had. We walk back to the Uhaul and get on the road. We arive pretty early to red rocks so we walk around and there is a painting class going on. How cool would that be have a painting class painting one of the most gorgeous areas in the world? Anyways we walk around the gift shop and then get in line on the infamous steps of red rocks. So me being the fan I am start talking with everyone and meet an awesome group of people 2 guys from Oklahoma that go to OSU and have been at a ranch for 3 months and were driving back to OK after the concert. Also, a guy and girl best friends who were both there in 2004. We start talking about how you can look at the people in line and tell what album they came into or relate to most of Incubus' There was a girl right in front of me with the two koi fish tattoo in the exact same place i have mine but mine has the sun around it and is in color. So we continued this and were in line for a good 3 hrs before we got in. When we got in I didn't know what to do. We got dead center on row 17 right behind their soundboard. So I told my friend to save my spot and I went to find the HQ tent. Sure enough there was Ren and Cisco so I sat and talked with them for a while and then a girl from San Fransisco joined us and was probably the only other person there who knew them so we all talked for a while and then we took a picture with Ren. Day was made and so I walk back to the seats and Tom Morello is opening and KILLS IT of course....Then the sun is setting and as Brandon says on the Red Rocks dvd I was in AWWWW......AWWWWWWWWWWW. So I see their sound techs give a thumbs up and so I start making a circular motion with my camera to capture all of red rocks at night and the lights cut out. In that moment I don't think my heart beat at all for a solid 5 min. There maybe 100 ft in front of me were 5 of the 7 most influential and inspiring and so many more adjectives including the reason I'm alive standing in front of me. So they start doing their first note warm up and everyone's ready for Megalomaniac but then they start with Pardon Me and tears just poured down my face. To be completely honest I'm glad I took video of that concert because I was in such a euphoric state of mind I really don't remember much of it. The concert was unbelievable and I couldn't describe it if i wanted to. On our way out inching our Uhaul trying to get in front of someone was a challenge, and people were joking around with us and one guy was being a dick but then saw I had an Auburn hat on and he had Auburn stuff on so we exchanged War Eagles which was pretty cool all the way out in Red Rocks, CO. Honestly after that all I could think about was the Atlanta show. We make it home safely and my friend that went with me as I said was WAYYYYYY more excited for Tom Morello, I think he has bought a lot of incubus albums since then. So then it's time for me to bid on M&G packages for the Atlanta show. Well AT&T blows in Alabama so I didn't have service at work when the auction ended so I was quite upset. So I started working super hard on the video tour guide contest......which ended so I was SOL. So the day of the Atlanta show is here and we get there basically as soon as we can we even see the M&G people go in. So the line keeps growing and mind you it's just one line and then they inform us that the line we all are in are for verizon customers only or if you have a racetrack receipt so I get first in line at one of the other 3 gates. Next to me are two guys and one begins talking to his friend about how he should be able to answer trivia to get in before the Verizon line BS. So I'm like ok  this guy might be a big Incubus fan.......little did I know this would be the beginning of an already amazing friendship and what brought me to meet the band. So we start talking about our experiences and the band and quizzing each other and I find out this will be his 12th Incubus show. So we get inside and get 2nd row behind the ,M&G people and right in front of Ben's Mic. We look to our right and there is Make Yourself Brandon Boyd's twin has every tattoo Brandon has the gauges and everything kinda weird.....anyways everyone's talking and having a good time the opening band comes out who won a local contest because Young The Giant had a tv date the day of the Atlanta show. So that goes by and the chills come again and the lights go out and Brandon walks out not 20 ft from us and is stumbling seems hammered haha. Ben is right there in front of us. This whole show I remember but still utter amazement. After the shows over Cody adds me on facebook and asks if I'm going to the Huntsvilles show....I had completely forgot they got announced late to be at Big Spring Jam which they played 10 years ago on the Morning View tour.... I knew I wasn't off work so I said no but was still debating it. I drove back to Montgomery that night and right when I was pulling into my apt I saw my first shooting star ever and I wished that someday I'd be able to meet the guys and hopefully work for them. Not 2 days later Cody tells me he got M&G ticktets for the Huntsville show and I need to get off work. I immediately start scrambling and after a day and a half it wasn't looking good. So I start considering would it be worth being fired over and debated for a long time about it. Finally i was able to get someone to cover it but thats a really long story like this one hah. I have been shaking since Cody told me he got them. So Friday comes and I leave from Montgomery and he leaves Atlanta at the same time I make it there way before him due to side roads and speed traps and what not so i get some Checkers and the Wifi there was labeled Cisco I thought it was fitting. So we meet up and meet with the guy who had 12 m&g passes and there was another couple with them so it was the 6 of us. We go into the festival and find the other m&g people and we make a line to go in. We walk into the building and go through one door and then as were approaching an open door KIL rides out on a long board and if I thought my nerves were bad before.....oh no then I could barely stand ( p.s. I NEVER get star struck. EVER!) So he says hey and goes inside and then Brandon, mike, and Jose all start walking in to the room I guess Ben was already in there. Right before we go in Cody and I do the handshake they did on the Miami our little group of 6 was the 3rd group to go so the first two groups go in and then out then its our turn and it is the 6 of us and the 5 of them. The were sitting in order from KIL,BEN,BRANDON,MIKE,JOSE, and on the table they have a giant tablecloth that they are drawing on and going to auction off at the end of the tour.........MINE! So I was the first in our group to go through the line and so I get to Kil and shake his hand and he's like what's your name and I proceed to say Kyle and he says how are you man and all I could really get out was Fantastic. So he signs my postcard thing and I move to Ben and Ben's like what's up man and I say just enjoying this moment and I compliment this punt he had with his water bottle at the Atlanta show that we all cheered for. He had a water bottle and punted it to his tech that was REALLY far away and it landed right in his hands. And he said yea that was a thing of beauty I could never do that again if I tried and we all laughed and then Brandon was like wait what happened and I froze.......literally no words so Ben told the story and Brandon said man I wish I could have seen that. So I get to Brandon and shake his hand and he cups my hand with his other hand and says it's such a pleasure and yea still no words so I get to little Mike and he says in like such a stern voice HELLO I'M MICHAEL NICE TO MEET YOU and then he compliments my Clef tattoos I couldn't even get out I have an incubus tattoo if I tried. Then I get to my man and birthday buddy Jose and shake his hand and I say your kit is a thing of beauty my friend and they all look at him and he's like wellll......yea.....YEA IT IS! and we all laughed again.......I forgot to tell him we share our birthday haha. So then it's picture time and Cody had shotgunned Brandon super early so I wanted to be next to Jose and he came right next to me then scooted over so Brandon had a full body shot but it's ok haha. Then when we were leaving I got up the courage to talk to Brandon and told him that this was my third show this tour and it's been the best month of my life and either I asked for a hug or he said give me a hug I don't remember either way I got a hug. We left the room and I had to sit down. So we go put our memorobilia in the car and come back to try and get close for the show, was a festival so there was one more band setting up on the stage before incubus which turned out to be manchester orchestra whom Cody grew up with and I've met a few times. So we watch them kill it and then it's time for show three. I did forget one part we actually we standing next to two guys both came separately from each other that both had the meet and greet in atlanta and were right by us at that show. Pretty awesome! So the show starts goes on they get to the third song and Jose counts off and Mike gets super amped and starts playing anna molly when the rest of them start adolescents.......they all stop and die laughing.....then start adolescents at the end of that song Brandon says ok Mike here's that song you wanted to play so bad hahaha i have that part on video......then they have the acoustic set mike and brandon do defiance and its awesome and then ben comes out for talk shows on mute and mikes freaking out and just gets up and leaves something was really wrong with his guitar. So he's gone for about 30 seconds and Brandon turns and is like uhhhhh where the hell did Mike go and he finally comes back.....poor mike he's had a rough tour.  That setlist was amazing unbelievably amazing. So I had planned to drive back to montgomery but Cody's dad got him a hotel room so I was like I'll get some rest before I drive back and when we walk in the hotel the night audit is the guy in Talledega nights that says lets sell them bitches and is in a lot of other movies......SO RANDOM but funny........We then jam out on Cody's acoustic to some more incubus and go to bed and in the morning had a large complimentary breakfast and went home our separate ways........Hope you enjoyed this if you read it all you're a gentleman and a scholar.

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