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I never use this tumblr to talk about my work as a college librarian, but today it seems appropriate. Part of my job is to visit English classes to teach students how to conduct research and find reliable sources of information. I try to make my presentations as interesting as possible, but I'm the first to admit it's not the most exciting material. Last week, I was talking to a class about the difference between book reviews and literary criticism, and I must have used Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as an example one too many times. One of the students finally said, "Wow, you must really like that book." I confessed that I hadn't actually read it yet, and joked that I probably just had tattoos on my mind because I'd gone to a concert the week before and felt like I was the only person there without a tattoo. So then, of course, she asked, "What kind of concert?" To which I replied, "Incubus - they were awesome." I heard a couple of students gasp. I'm not sure if it was out of jealousy that I'd gone to see Incubus and they hadn't, or if they just couldn't imagine how someone could possibly be both a librarian and an Incubus fan. Dutifully, though, I got the conversation back on track, finished the session, and thought no more about it.

This morning, a student came to the library reference desk to ask for help with a topic he was researching. He mentioned he was in one of the classes I visited last week. "I'll always remember you," he said, "because of Incubus."

I love my students. ♥

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Comment by Jane Johannesen on October 27, 2011 at 6:19pm
That is an awesome story!!


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