I wanted to take the time to welcome the Incubus fans that are possibly visiting Incubus HQ for the first time.  I don't think it was ever intended to split the fanbase whatsoever. The powers that be simply had the foresight to prepare for the future and create a site that engages us as much as possible.   

I personally want you to dive right in the deep end.  This site was created for us. We have nearly everything the band has created at our fingertips.  There is no need to be shy. If you have something to share, please share it.   The more we interact as a unit, the greater the benefit to all of us.  We increase the chance that a band photo gets 'dusted' off the old harddrive and displayed for the masses. This applies to live shows, tracks, memorabilia.  I am only speaking for myself but I would assume many people are eager for any new fan to become a part of the site on more than just a lurking status.  

It is 2012. Holyshit it is 2012!  For some fans it has been nearly a decade and a half since this year first held connection with Incubus(A Certain Shade of Green).  But I bring it up not for that reason but for the reason of time moving really fast.  We are approaching a time when Incubus fans have 2nd generations that are experiencing the band. Chew on that.   Point being, what better time to engage?  So I raise an e-toast to you Enjoy Incubus fans, welcome aboard. Please have fun.  Dust your dancing shoes off and get this dance floor to work!  


Leo (Simply a fan like you)

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