DJ Kilmore did a live set and answered fans' questions Thursday as part of the anniversary celebration. 



1:10 - What's Going On (Remix)

5:15 Ritual Union (Remix)

8:40 Time Is Moving Slowly (Remix)

12:00 Here In My Room (Remix)

17:00 Pardon Me (Remix)

23:25 Fan-Submitted Videos

27:10 Q&A

34:20 Concert Footage

43:15 Wish You Were Here (Remix)

47:35 Megalomaniac vs. Keep On Dancing (Mashup)

53:00 Drive vs. Good Feeling (Mashup)

57:50 Concert Footage

1:10:00 Q&A

1:13:45 Fan-Submitted Videos

1:16:18 Smoking The Herb Again

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