So it was 12am or something when i decided leave my homework for a while and go to IWHQ chat "just for few seconds" when i just read in facebook about the earlier conversation that Ren had. When i read it i thought "there´s no way i can get so many votes for my self going, i mean, everyone would love to go!", Then in the chat people told me that everybody kinda decided of some people going because there had more movement here, that´s when i screamed in my house, i knew it there was not any chance for me!. Maybe you can say "You girl are a surrender" & I might answer "I´m realistic".


While the chat was talking about the same topic, i said "Maybe it would be hard for most of us to win the LA ticket for the party, but maybe we can do a beach party by ourselves and put some Incubus music", couple agreed but you know that´s hard, but i was really thinking damn it! i do want it!, so i looked in google for some LA tickets and while i was looking people on the chat came with this histories about the shows, and MYF tickets for m&g and the prices they told were so bizarre, so i realized : FUCK!.


In life there´s a chance for everyone in life to do whatever they want, sometimes it seems harder than it really is. When you want to make your dreams come true just work your ass hard for it (maybe it´s not the best sentence). And i´ll keep coming with ideas like Beach parties in LA, or road trips for concerts in U.S. 


I deeply wish there´s more possibilities for everyone and most for those who has never ever seen them alive to they can catch them in some new and unforgettable experience and memories to tell to our own generations, aside from the concert. 

Maybe this is an dessert illusion but this chance to be that informed about my favorite band is priceless. Anyway im fucking buying my ticket to LA and maybe catch some concert there, aside from the one in México. So chile can wait.


Maybe you don´t care about this, about me, but i don´t care coz this is my little space where i can post my thoughts about incubus, Yes i´m rude coz i am a little disappointed. 

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Comment by María Serna on April 20, 2011 at 1:24pm
I know hehe, but shit happens, July dunno but what i do know is i´ll make my plans happen hahaha Effort always makes the difference :D
Comment by Katrina on April 20, 2011 at 1:15pm
hi maria, i know exactly how you feel. but take it from me, in due time, we all get to that path for as long as we keep an eye for it. if we really want shit to happen (sorry for the term), we do something about it. we may not get it ahora mismo, pero, we could get it in time - at the right time. ;) for as long as we work for our goal, we would get the best chance to have it if we don't quit. hmmm... july, eh? :D i want too.


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