Name: Esther Van Loo

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Skype or Live Audience: Skype

Reason We Should Pick You: Brandon Boyd is my biggest inspiration, that's just it. It doesn't matter if it's his work with Incubus, his solo tracks or his paintings, he always finds a way to get me inspired again and to do what I want to. This summer I've decided I will live by the thought of 'Make Yourself', become who I've always wanted to be and Brandon Boyd is the one man who gives me the courage to do it. And I thank my current relationship to Incubus, so...

Sample Question For Brandon: I mostly want to thank him for inspiring me and helping me get through the rough times, when I was conflicted with myself and my surroundings. but I'd love to ask him if he's planning on touring in Belgium any time soon. I also want to know what his biggest inspiration was for doing the things he does, and I'd love to know what influences are present when he paints or draws or just makes art in general.

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