Almost seven years. Almost seven Incubus years.

I was remembering of something these days. The day I've listened to Incubus for the first time. It was a long time ago, believe me.

I was only an eleven or twelve-year-old girl that time. I barely knew rock bands, only those who was making a huge success that time, such as Linkin Park, Evanescence and others. I clearly remebmber, I was watching MTV when it started. When my Incubus passion started. The chords began. Appeared the image of a television, where it clearly showed something related to authoritarianism. A music video aesthetically beautiful, with a heavy political content.

You all know which song I'm talking about. Hey megalomaniac / You're no Jesus / Yeah, you're no fucking Elvis / Wash your hands clean on yourself, baby / Step down.

At the beginning I was thinking "who the hell are Incubus?", but at the end of the song, it doesn't mind who Incubus was. I knew since then, they are a fucking awesome band. And so I started to looking for the songs, the albums, the photos. An addiction started, and I hope it never, EVER, ends.

It's been almost seven years. Almost seven Incubus years.



They came to Brazil twice (that I can remember). In 2007 and last year. They played at SWU Music + Arts Festival. Despite that, I've never attended to an Incubus concert, but I'll do it soon.

If Not Now, When? will be released 12th July, a new tour will begin and I'll see them live. I hope so.


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