A Welcome Back Present To All The Incubus Team

Incubus, Steve Rennie.

We've been waitin' so much for you come back to us and keep makin' our lives happier than before with new music!
Yes, FIVE YEARS waiting, so many people could say that it looks like more, like 8 or 10 years, at least we could wait for you so long, thanks to Monuments & Melodies discover a bit of B - Sides songs that maybe many people like me, never heard of them.

Well... now that you are back, I thought that should be a welcome party, but it's kind of dificult because the fans are all over the world and you know... So at least on my part, make a cover song as a welcome back! a present for you guys!


Workin' hard on wich song, what changes i'll make to it and after 3 weeks I finally found what I thought that would be the best idea about the cover. The first idea was a Dig cover with a lot of changes and voice of a venezuelan fan but after too much dificult stuff, I delete that idea from my head.. It came out Adolescents but I was on a lot of school stuff and the excitement of the new song, after that week it came the idea to create a full cover ofAdolescents it was going very well, like 3 or 4 hours I need to know all the music notes for the instruments and voice and everything. I was almost finishing the song when I started to see that didn't sound as I wanted to sound so I left behind all the idea of the present, feeling bad with my self...

On 04/14/11 Brandon Boyd posts on Facebook the note about If Not Now, When?, after I read it, that gave me hopes and made myself a question, I have to do that cover song but on other version or something cause if not now, when? So I begin to make changes and stuff and finally create an Instrumental/Acoustic/Fan version ofAdolescents that I wanted to share with all the entire family of Incubus, the fans, the band and everyone behind them. 

Could I ask why did I do this? Because I want to show all my feelings about Incubus not only by words.. also by the way that they touch us, by music.

 Hope you enjoy my cover song!
it's not a great quality and music but I tried what I could and that matters.

Adolescents Acoustic/Instrumental Version by alejandro-morales-diaz

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