I don't really have a thought out entry but more of a burning desire to continue to show the love.

I am an over-thinker. Some argue there is no such thing and I am one of those people. I do see the pros and notably the cons of analyzing everything. With that being said, I sort of tried preparing myself a few years ago for the inevitable moment when my favorite band on the planet would disappoint me. Art can't always move you right? Eventually you just won't feel an arrangement or song direction. I write because this has yet to happen.

The recipe of all of the choices I have made in life seasoned with everything my mind has absorbed has sync'd up with every choice the band has made. My fanfare has not become complacent, has not had any downward spikes on the chart. It is this huge ever climbing upward line that every stock trader would dream of.

I am more of a fan now than ever. The music feels needed. The music feels distinct like a lazy day you don't brush your teeth; without it you notice something isn't right. You could argue that I am setup for a crash landing and it would be viable. However, anomalies and outliers work both ways. Why worry? In my small bubble of life this is one of my certainties and something I think B and the band have tried telling us for years---Quit worrying and embrace the now.

I am so thankful beyond my babble that this band has been a part of my generation. The stars have aligned and they have plugged on and amazed for years. So, I say quit worrying about the future and enjoy what the band is doing now. It is entirely possible that this band will be in their eighties finding a way to set a groove together.

In the now, the band is doing big things. Touring heavy, doing their best to reach the globe. A huge anticipated boxset on the way, and even coming full-circle to Honda Civic tour again, where I seen them for the first time.

I don't exactly know what I intended with babble but this band is badass. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow but I will enjoy today.

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