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Thank you!

Thank you for sending in your "Thank You" videos!  Even though we were unable to play all the videos during the webcast, we wanted to share this video we put together.  On behalf of the band and their team we want to thank…


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Send us your best HQ Live photos!

Hey guys and girls! We are in search of the best fan photos or videos from the band's HQ Live performances this past summer. If you attended the event, please send us your top 3 photos or videos by Thursday, March 22 and have the chance for your photos to be included…


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Q&A's with Mike Einziger

Mike took time to answer some fan questions from HQ about guitars, Incubus, Time Lapse Consortium and more! Watch the video…


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test for app

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Improving Incubus impact in Chile

The videochat with Fernando Cabral (Marketing Director - Sony Music Latin America) was an increidble opportunity for us fans, and even though one of my questions were answered, I have so much more to say  about the impact of the band in my country. It's well known that Incubus is big here in Chile, various rock radio stations play their songs very often, their shows are sold out and they have one of the biggest fan bases in South America. They are recognized but only if asked I mean they are…


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Jose Pasillas Live VideoChat on Incubus HQ - Video


Hi all! In case you missed it or wanted to see your questions answered again, here is the video for the LIVE Videochat Jose did with a special guest as host, Ben Kenney.…


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If not now, when?

Besides the amazing story yet to be told about the circumstances lying behind my first listening to the record, If Not Now, When? is a story itself. Personally, I will never get used to what Incubus has been doing with every new album, and it is indeed one of the things I love the most about them: difference.

INNW has a particular vibe that flights all across from the first song to Tomorrow’s Food. This is the vibe of…


Added by Francisco Stiglich (Mod) on April 25, 2011 at 9:51pm — 9 Comments

More thoughts on the release

Ok so I was thinking about how the new album should be released, in what forms and what would each form offer to make it unique and fruitful in terms of marketing.


So as I said, every format should offer something new and these are my ideas:


Digital Version:  Download from iTunes (iTunes LP would be awesome)/Amazon

It gives you a unique discount code to buy the physical normal CD copy or the…


Added by Francisco Stiglich (Mod) on March 22, 2011 at 8:56pm — 2 Comments

My thoughts on the next album release process.

Steve came to the chat box to tell us the news, he came up with the idea of discussing how the new album should be released, it was a little bit messy because of the several languages spoken at the moment, and (including me) too many questions asked at the same time. Anyway, Steve managed to answer the ones that did matter, I think.


In my opinion there is a lot of things still to discuss from the conversation we had and I still think we can be more helpful than we tried to be…


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The Warmth of Incubus - Octubre 2010


Desde que Incubus despegó de Chile el 2007, personalmente me sentí realizado, logré conocer a la banda en un Meet and Greet de no más de 15 minutos, todo gracias a las gestiones realizadas en ese entonces el foro de Incubus Chile y técnicamente gracias a ChuckChile. Sin embargo, a mis 17 años pensaba que el hecho de haberles dado…


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