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Brandon Boyd, Hurley Target Pollution

Teaming up for a good cause

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd (above left) joined Bob Hurley on Thursday (March 24) to release a…

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Spreading the Incubus WHQ love -

One of the final pieces of this site has come now has its very own proper domain name -

So, when you're inviting friends to the site, or tweeting about it etc, you can now direct them to

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A few minor tweaks to the site - Moving "chat", introducing Leaderboards and World Clock

I've added a few more things to the site and the top navigation started to get a bit crowded, so I created some sub-categories. 

You can now find HQ TV, pictures, and videos under the category called "Media" in the top nav.  I think the term "media" adequately describes all that stuff, but if you think there is a better name let me know (leave a comment below).

We're planning on taking 'chat' off the front page and moving it to "Connect." …


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Groups, chat, and forum under "Connect"

The pages for Groups, Chats, and Forum can now be found under the header called "Connect" in the top navigation.    Just hover your mouse over it for a second.


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You can now log in to IWH with your TWITTER account

In addition to Facebook, you can now log into Incubus WHQ using your Twitter user and pass.  Have fun!


Oh, and you're hearing it here FIRST, before anywhere else....Incubus is now on Twitter:  IncubusBand

We'll clue other folks into it later on....but for now,…


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Sound on the chat box - here's how to turn it down or off

Not sure about you all....but when Renman and Joe and I are logged in to the site and are chatting in the chatbox, the office is ringing with constant BEEPING sounds!  That's because the chatbox itself beeps every time there is a new message.   I showed Renman how to mute the chat, and now I'll show you.  Look at the picture below and you'll see the volume control in the chatbox.  Click it and you can lower the volume.



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Are you getting too many emails from Incubus HQ? Do this....

Thx again for helping us get the site running and testing it out.

If you're getting too many update emails from this site, go to your 'settings' and change your email preferences.  See below screen captures.



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Adding Groups

Enthusiastic fans/friends:   When starting your own Incubus group (which we definitely encourage) please check to see that a group for your country has not already been created.   We don't need to have multiple groups for the same country.


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