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A letter and blog post worth reading

Please follow the link below.  I honestly feel the lyrics of the song Thieves through my blogpost.  This post is about you and I and everyone we know.

Finding Hathor blogpost on mining and letter to Minister Kent

Feel free to comment your thoughts, I would love to hear what you think. By being aware and making changes, we can create a better living environment.

Love and Light and…


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Morning Star

I've been down and in  

So long ago it's been 

Since I've seen your face 


Awakened mind  

Mine took some time 

Face my challenges within 


Love flew away  

Like a dove in the rain 

But is finding home again 


Our lives are islands 

A man and a…


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An idea for the musicians and aspiring musicians of the world

Life sometimes throws you lemons so you make lemonade, the best way you know how.  

Let me explain..
Alcoholism has been one of the main contributing factors to the destruction of what some would call a "normal life" within my family.  I voted to break this chain, even as a young child.  
With the background understood, I quit drinking over a year ago willingly to help others around me see some "light" in their lives. I started attending an …

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Eyes of Jade

Eyes of Jade

Eyes of Jade

Changing to remain the same

Over a lifetime of pain

In a trance by the map

That carries her travels

Along a journey of searching

The topography found in her eyes

Tied to her soul and the skies

Amber was purely the past

A colored cameleon of the past

The angers and sorrows and empathy

Still she carries on like

The strength of the sun

That keeps her warm at night

Jade is the color and her heart the…


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Some of my own poetry/music I'd love to share

A stretch of time has passed

Some moments twice the same

I think about you and harmonize

Enticed by the words behind the eyes

(And) your mind speaks of such poetry

An aria worth accounting for

Could you tell me, I can't bear much longer

This urgency, I'm eager not to ignore

And grasp what's seemingly unsound

Or are you speaking to me through your song

I can die another thousand years

To be the one that holds you down

I need your…


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