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Incubus daydreaming..........

so my mom wants to go to spain in april.

my Incubus daydream is..

what if while i was there....i spot Brandon eating at some cozy little cafe! i introduce myself, and he says."Valencia? i met a girl named Valencia once"...oh yeah...btw, we're in Valencia, Spain....

then i jump up and down, and do my happy fingers thing(if you know me you know what i'm talkin bout...willis;) ) and i say "YES!!!  THAT WAS MEEEE!!! IN DETROIT, MI!!!"

heheehe, then we proceed to have…


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Incubus daydreaming..........

contact Ellen and ask her to help make my daydreams come true............she flies me out to L.A, i get to hang with Incubus for a whole day! it could happen:)

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Incubus daydreaming..........'m seriously crying while watching these videos! how does one get so lucky!? and the guys are sooo nice! (sigh).....just love em!

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Incubus daydreaming.......... ..............i daydream that one day something like this happens to me!!!

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Scavenger hunt in my town

my friends and i were just talking last night about how none of us have ever been in a scavenger hunt. my friend, Ben, suggested doing it for a charity. and naturally i said, how bout the MYF!!!? so, if this is ever put together...ya know i'll be hitting up the MYF and the HQ!!! any ideas, thoughts, etc?!!

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Incubus daydreaming..........

just was daydreaming about the next tour.....i would love to meet up with my Incu-friends in their home states, and countries, and do to the concerts with them!!! Incubus would catch wind of this and we would all get flown out somewhere and have our very own private show!!

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Urban Dictionary.....what comes up with i typed in, "Incubus"

. Incubus 1707 up239 down…

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Incubus daydreaming..........

Last night i had a real dream that i actually got to hang out with Brandon and ....ya know what? not sure who the other person was:/ I guess my dream focused a lot on Brandon, go figure! but i'm thinking it was probably Mike.

Either way, i spent a lot of time with em. i think by the end of my dream i had said that i got to spend 10 days with them! i don't exactly remember what happened, like how i got to do this, but it really didn't matter. just as long as i was doing it.



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Incubus daydreaming..........

as i watch my videos, wishing i could go to a concert every day, i imagine that they(Incubus) remembers me and my sign and say, "hey! i remember meeting that girl in Detroit!". hahaha, i'm sure of it;)

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Incubus daydreaming..........

i'm sure you all do the same thing...think of silly little impossibles about Incubus in your life.

i have many, and i'd like to post em, cause i have a really bad memory and i'd like to share:)

one of my crazy stories in my head is this: ok, i work at a bar, we obviously have a juke box. i play Incubus a ton on it! it's an internet juke box, and it kinda keeps track of how often a song is played and if it's played often enough the album is placed on the main screen so you don't…


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Cisco's video footage

Has anyone seen any of Cisco's video footage from the 9-22 St. Augustine show?

Added by valencia flores on November 1, 2011 at 12:44pm — 2 Comments

Red Rocks

eeeee!!!!! just bought 2 tix to see Incubus @Red Rocks! I'll see ya in August! can't wait, i have that dvd and it's aaaaamazin!!!

Added by valencia flores on June 3, 2011 at 9:43am — No Comments


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