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Since May 21st, 2014 I'm officially an INCUBUS ITALIA CO-ADMIN  so happy!!!!!!!! such an honor to me!  ^_^ (

Since May 21st, 2014 I'm officially an INCUBUS ITALIA CO-ADMIN  so happy!!!!!!!! such an honor to me!  ^_^



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PIctures from Munich Concert

check out my flickr

special thanks to incubus <3

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I haven't really used this yet because ive been absolutely ADDICTED to the app. Lookin pretty sharp though. Anyway, I suppose an introduction is in account?


So, Im allison and music is everything. To quote one of my newly found heroes, Beethoven, "I must despise the world which does not know that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. And of course when I say music, I dont mean dubstep crap where they have officially replaced musicians with computers.…


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Glasgow Rescheduled Date

Anybody got any news on the Glasgow date which was cancelled in November? Ticketmaster have continually told me they will have an update 'very soon' - seems a load of bollocks to me, seems that because this show isn't going to be a money-maker, Incubus or their management are not interested.


Please, can we have an update? Will this show EVER be rescheduled?

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im so confused people! :( how do i rsvp?? i really wanna see incubus in vegas? im new to this website, please help!

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Hurley Hope Question ?

Not too long ago i saw a video on youtube called From concept to completion with Brandon Boyd and it was a behind the scenes look into mr Boyds work with Hurley and Hope on his art mural project, in the video at the very beginning there is an instrumental track being played and i have been searching for weeks upon weeks for this song and i dont have a clue what it is i am goin to link the video to this and if anyone knows the title of the artist or track name pleaaaase pleaaaase tell me :D…


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It’s time.

Il grande giorno è arrivato! Il tanto atteso 15 novembre 2011 ora è realtà!

Sono arrivata già a Milano la sera precedente al concerto, grazie all’ospitalità di un’amica.

La nebbia avvolge la città ma non mi spaventa, a Torino ci sono abituata tutti i giorni di…


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My band, Shamploo.

Hey guys, I'd like to introduce you to a music project I hold near and dear to my heart.

First off, I've been a major Incubus fan since the release of "Make Yourself" and an even bigger fan of Mike Einziger. He's no doubt 1 of my most favorite guitarists/musicians of all time. I remember making a deal w/ my mom that if I got a 4.0 GPA in freshman yr of high school that she would owe me a PRS guitar :P. My first Incubus show was in 2009 @ the Hollywood Bowl. My friends and I had really…


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A FAN in need....

I have been a fan for 8 yrs. I was very sheltered as a child and teen and never listened to Incubus till i went through a bad divorce while 8 mths pregnant the only thing that kept me going was the "Morning View"  cd. I was going to pay $500 tickets to meet Incubus for their Dallasshow this month but couldnt because i am 4 mths pregnant and the seats with the VIP package came with PIT tickets only :(. Is… Continue

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JUST SAW INCUBUS IN CHICAGO!!! WOOOOOO!Set list (taken as each song was played, so this is accurate)

In order:

Pardon Me

Wish you were Here 


Anna Molly


If Not Now, When


When it Comes

The Warmth


In the Company of Wolves

Defiance (acoustic)

Talk Shows on Mute (acoustic)

Just a Phase

A Crow Left of the Murder




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MY CHICAGO DREAM INCUBUS SETLIST...I hope INCUBUS plays this setlist tonite in CHICAGO!!! =D

Pardon Me
Nowhere Fast
Just A Phase
Surface 2 Air
Promises, Promises
Here In My Room
I Miss You (acoustic)
Dig (acoustic)
Defiance (acoustic)
A Kiss To Send Us Off
In The Company of Wolves

The Warmth
Pardon Me

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Incubus, 10 years of my life and beyond

The things I’ve learned from Incubus, I carry on me like a second skin.

Ever since I was 10 years old I’ve loved them, from my very first Incubus song (Pardon Me) to the most recent favorite of “The Original” from their latest album release. 

I could go on for hours saying wonderful things about Incubus, but it won’t do justice to the way I really feel whenever I hear them or watch their concerts. These past 12 years of complete following them has graced me with…


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Incubus Live in Manila 2011

INCUBUS Live in Manila!

Thank you guys! You are all awesome! Will post some more photos as soon as I finish up on…


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Recensione di "If not know, when?" by me

(english version soon, I hope!) :)

La recensione di "If not know, when?" scritta da me, sul mio blog di music reporter.



E’ ora di crescere: If not now, when?



Ho letto decine di recensioni da web magazine italiani, scritte…


Added by Valentina Defassi (Italia adm) on July 16, 2011 at 4:02pm — 2 Comments

Incubus: If Not Now, When?

Incubus performing If Not Now, When?

Enjoy it!


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As per DJ Kilmore's tweet:




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RockSound Interview w/ Michael Einziger - TRACK BY TRACK: INCUBUS ‘IF NOT NOW, WHEN?’

Courtesy of your fellow IncubusHQ Friends Oceana Light (who originally posted it here @ Press Coverage in General Incubus Discussions) and Vasco Melo Calheiros.

For our interest in the tracks of 'If Now Now, When?'…


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Hi everybody!


Enjoy it!

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What I’ll Talk About if I Ever Meet the Band or: Why I hate Asymmetrical Conversations

The following is an imagined dialogue between me and the members of the band Incubus. Picture if you will a lovely meet and greet setting back stage or at HQlive, and somehow I have the good fortune to speak to each of them. It might go something like this:

How are you Ben? Wow, I’ve seen some of your solo work lately, and man you can do it all. You’re a multi-instrumentalist? And a genius at writing and composing your work? So you’re basically a one-man-band on your own, huh? Oh,…


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