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Los Angeles Freeways

Hello, Los Angeles and Southern California Incubus fans!


It grieves me to inform you that the I-405 will be closed on July 15th and 16th to support some 'improvements' (including multiple bridge demolitions and reconstructions) that CalTrans, in their infinite wisdom, are promising to provide.  As we all know, this is the weekend of not only the show at the Santa Barbara Bowl but also the San Diego festival.  As the 405 is the central artery of…


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KTLA Interview!

The band had a live interview at 5am local time with the lovely Allie MacKay from the KTLA television station in Los Angeles.  Here are a few clips from their interview:





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HQLive, Clinics, and More

Hi, everyone!


This is your friendly neighborhood formal announcement of the address for HQLive.  As I've stated in other posts, please do not show up on a time other than your scheduled hour slot unless you have a very explicit invite from one of the members of the Incubus team.  We really do not want long lines interfering with the function of the other businesses around HQLive and just showing up and looking sad outside the window is not going to get…


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Incubus Loves New York!

And Incubus wants to see how much New York loves them. If you are in New York, or if you can get to New York, this is your chance to win tickets to an exclusive engagement in early July. You and a lucky friend could win tickets to experience Incubus live at one of these invite-only events:

  • Private Incubus concert hosted by Vevo, or
  • Private concert after Incubus’ appearance on the Late Show with David…

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Site Issues, ETC

As an FYI, messages about Site Issues, incorrect/nonfunctional Presale Codes, inappropriate content or behavior reports, information requests or even updates or edits to existing published information should go either to my inbox or should be reported by the 'report an issue' feature of the site.  Please do not send them to Renman, Jake, Joe, or the HQ Admin account--they may get lost in the shuffle that way.  I am here to address all…


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Weekly Update #14 for the Week of June 13th - June19th

This week was so busy in Incubus Land that it was over almost before it began!  A very many things happened this week, both on stage and off, and it’s been a challenge to keep up with it all.  Never fear, faithful Incubus fans, here is your Weekly Update: late, but never untimely.

On Monday, while the band flew to London for their first gig of the If Not Now, When? tour, Steve Rennie stayed behind to hold down the fort just long enough to remind fans that the RSVP… Continue

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RESONANCE Interview with Incubus (Dated: June 13 2011)

Courtesy of your fellow Incubus HQ friend Vasco Melo Calheiros.

Direct Link

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Multi-platinum, legendary rock band,Incubus have left California and headed to the UK to start off their eagerly anticipated…


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The Making Of Promises Promises

Check out the Making Of the Promises, Promises video here! The video premieres worldwide on Thursday, June 23rd. …


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Help Wanted!

Wanted: Guitarists, drummers and DJs with a passion for Incubus and music in general to participate in live instrument clinics with Mike Einziger, Jose Pasillas, and DJ Chris Kilmore.  Must be willing to travel to a currently undisclosed location in Los Angeles to participate in a face-to-face, hands-on clinic with the members of the band.  Friendly personality and willingness to learn highly…


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Introducing Ambassador Clay...

Hey everyone,
As you know, things have been really busy for Incubus and their team, with the tour, HQLive and all the other surprises we're working on.  The band and I are really excited about all the things we have planned for you over the next few months, but all of those awesome things mean we have a lot on our plates.  And it turns out that Incubus…

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RSVPs, Presales, and You


Here at Incubus World Headquarters we are always striving to make things better for the fans.  One of the things we've been trying the hardest to get running in a smooth, orderly fashion is the manner in which we announce the presale information.  There have been a few bumps along the way but we've put together a new way of announcing the presales which we think will work for everyone.


Going forward we will be using the …


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Incubus MTV Interview and Article!

MTV News has interviewed Brandon on the set of the Promises, Promises videoshoot, and included an article in which Brandon talks about Incubus' hiatus, what the boys did on their time off, and the direction of the new album.  Check it out here! Complete article below.



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U.S. Tour Presale Information! **EDITED 06/17**

Here is your one-stop cheat sheet for all presale information regarding the US Tour!  Presale codes will be added to the information page of the appropriate local groups the day before the presale goes live, so if you do not receive and email, check your groups pages first.


All listed times are subject to change without notice, so please keep tuned here and on the individual event pages to make sure you have the latest up-to-the-minute…


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Billboard Magazine: Las Vegas Spotlight on INCUBUS

Billboard Magazine recently invited the guys to come hang out for a weekend in Sin City, to enjoy some fun in the sun and to discuss their forthcoming album, "If Not Now, When?"

The print piece ran in the last issue of Billboard Magazine, and they also filmed a video segment that we wanted to share with you guys. Check it out by clicking the image below (sorry, no embed) and feel free to discuss in the comments below - and don't forget to click "Like" to help spread it around to your…


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Incubus Nylon Magazine Article

Incubus has been featured in an article in Nylon Magazine's July 2011 issue!  Here are some images from the issue to tide you all over until you can buy it on stands.  Enjoy!



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