Sekou Lumumba, Ben Kenney and Chris Kilmore

"Every now and then, a drummer will ask me how I came to play for Incubus' Ben Kenney aka @vatoben . Luck. It was cold out, and I happened to wander into a music store where he, Brandon Boyd and @djkilmore were record shopping. I struck up a conversation, promising myself not to take more than 2 minutes of their time, as I was sure they got approached by fans often. It came up in conversation that I played with one of Ben's favourite guitarists (Big Wreck's Ian Thornley), so he asked for my info. A few months later he contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in playing a show with him in L.A. That was in '05, and since then he's become one of my favourite people on the planet as well as one of my all time favourite songwriters. I'll be honest though... I'm legitimately surprised he wanted anything to do with me after seeing whatever the f*** was going on with the top of my head back then. #flashbackfridays #incubus"

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Comment by Vivian Rabay on April 14, 2014 at 11:38pm

you're welcome Nat ;) beijos

Comment by Natalie on April 14, 2014 at 12:16pm

"I shared some of my Jergens..." LOL thank you sharing my Viv, lovely story. xxx

Comment by Vivian Rabay on April 11, 2014 at 11:57pm


"I was just like "who is this cat with ashy nuckles?" He said: "I played on the Thornley record" and I thought "oh shit, this is THAT guy? This dude is one of the illest drummers I've ever heard". So I shared some of my Jergens for metacarpaltosis and we proceeded to rock the tits off everyone in sight. We rocked so hard Obama got elected while/because we we on tour (you're welcome Glen Beck). And then Sekou told me he got drafted by the Canadian Air Force. So I quit music for a while and when I wanted to make a comeback I called Sekou to see if he was done with the army. But all I got was voicemail and a pair of tickets to see Serena Ryder at the Rogers dome in Winnipeg. So I went back into retirement and blame it all on @ashemendel for being a Cubs fan. But I digress. Love you Sekou. Wish you lived in 'Murica."


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