Milwaukee 5/8/12

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Comment by april schauer on August 13, 2012 at 10:58am

Oh- and this was the BEST day of my life! He is SO nice!

Comment by april schauer on August 13, 2012 at 10:57am

Thanks for the words Jim! I <3 my name!

I'm really sorry to hear you have cancer- my mom who is your age has cancer too and its tough, she is getting great care at Froedtert by Dr. George! I wish you the best and stay positive because the power of positive thinking is incredible! Make sure to add a dose of Incubus music daily :)

Comment by Jim Curry on August 12, 2012 at 9:41pm
"April Schauer" please keep bringing on the "May Flowers" of which ...you one.of. ........a bright and colorful flower. Love
Comment by Jim Curry on August 12, 2012 at 9:33pm
Omg.....I've said too much! Sorry about that:/
Comment by Jim Curry on August 12, 2012 at 9:32pm
BTW .....Brandon, you are a handsome devil. (Not literally a devil) .....well..."then again~~~the e.e nnn ~~aGain...." (Morning View) the name of the band "Incubus" is actually taken from the mythical "Sex Demon" (male) ....therefore, in the context of being a member of "INCUBUS" professionally, Brandon is "Handsome Devil" Ha!
I cannot typically tell weather or not another man is good looking. . . . .as some chick would say how hot some guy is........I'm like.."hu, wht, who...idk"
I've even read other posts of a Guy writing " Brandon is the kind of guy that even a straight dude could fall in love with". Woe now......that's quite a statement .......however - when I watch Brandon perform, I can sorta see why this guy would.post such a.statement. ;-)
I wonder......does Brandon have a concubine, date many hotties all along, or is he fairly monogamous? Lol
PEACE and I'm jealous that April got to see Incucus live in Milwaukee! I missed my chance to catch my favorite band in my area; I'm only an hour away.........buy the time Incubus ever returns to the cool temperatures of Milwaukee - I will have already died from this lung cancer that I just found out is in my destiny. I have the lung.cancer specific.antibodies now......and all the idiot Dr's around here are just going to sit back while I get CT scans evey six months, basically, until they can SEE a tumor.....then start useless treatment. How ridiculous that they don't do ANYTHING now to PREVENT a tumor from even forming ........like boost my oncoimmune system, boost the antibodies that they already know I have.......until they get mutated by the cancer antigens ......anybody have any suggestions or.know of any.trials being xome with oncology immunology, antibodies, etc....please let me.know......I am only 51..........and if I don't be my own research team member - I'm dead within less than 5 years....if not sooner. I was exposed to a very high amount of radioactive isotopes. If I wasn't a broke single college student, and had the cash to take a.trip to see Incubus in person - I most certainly would, in fact, that is next on "my bucket list" I checked one off my list - to own and play Les Paul. To see Incubus live is now on the list.....see ya! I hope!
Comment by Jim Curry on August 12, 2012 at 8:54pm
I love your name! BTW .....you look SO extremely excited with Brandon........of course - I would have to admit - I would be az well! The talent, the heart of the group as a whole seems to be of one; I guess that translates into the obviousness of Incubus's CHEMISTRY! Awesome CREATIVITY! The changes within a single song are often enough to know talent when you hear it - and these transitional movements are characteristic of most, if not all throughout, the evolutionary "Art Rock" Incubus. I have five of their albums, from "Fungus" to "If not now when".......and it's totally cool listening to their literal evolution, from "Fungus" to "Science", to "Make Yourself" - "Morning View" -"Megalomaniac" - "Light Grenades" and after a long anticipated , and TOTAL SHIFT - into their latest, "If Not Now, When?" And this latest is very smooth . ....mellow......mystical....and completely different from any previous albums; every new album that Incubus produces is completely different! It is sweet.......I never get tired of listening to them because of huge variety of art they've created thus far.


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